The Community Vulnerability Index (CVI) is an initiative of the County Manager’s Office which aims to demonstrate the geographical distribution of the overall vulnerability of the residents of the county. The index utilizes data from the United States Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, mapped at the census tract level, providing detailed information of communities of approximately 4,000 people. Utilizing census data also enables the County to see trends over time, with the current iteration of the index comprised of the years 2010-2016.

The index is composed of seven indicators: health insurance coverage, education, supplemental security income, gross rent as a percentage of income, poverty, unemployment, and disability status. The indicators that have been standardized and combined to create dimension scores, on a scale from zero to 100, for each of the census tracts within San Mateo County.


Data for the Community Vulnerability Index comes from the American Community Survey. Data used to create the CVI is available for anyone to use: download all CVI data