The County of San Mateo is committed to ensuring COVID-19 information, resources and services are available to all residents in our county.  We aim to work with trusted community partners to educate, motivate, and activate residents in helping stop the spread. Contractors submitted proposals to provide outreach education and support in specific regions of the county, which can be seen below.


RFP #1 Awardees

Bay Area Community Health Advisory Council 2
Building Skills Partnership 2,3,4
Casa Circulo 3,4
City of San Bruno 1
Coastside Adult Day Health Center 5,6
Coastside Farmers Market 2,5,6
Daly City Partnership 1,6
El Centro de Libertad 2,3,4,5,6
El Concilio of San Mateo 3,4
East Palo Alto Center for Community Media 4
Family Connections 3,4
HealthWays, Inc 1
Heart and Soul Inc. All
International Rescue Committee 2,3,4
North East Medical Services 1
Nuestra Casa 3,4
Pacifica Resource Center 6
Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center 1,2,3,4
Peninsula Family Services 1,2,3,4
Peninsula Volunteers 2,3,4
Puente de la Costa Sur 5
Ravenswood Family Health Network 3,4
Self-Help for the Elderly 2
Senior Coastsiders 5,6
Siena Youth Center 3
SMC Libraries 2,4,5,6
SMC Union Collaborative 1,2
South San Francisco Libraries 1
StarVista All
Support Lives Foundation 1, 2
Taulama for Tongans 1,2,3,4
YMCA Silicon Valley 4


RFQ #1 Awardees

Thrive Alliance of Nonprofts - All Regions


Regional Map

The county was subdivided into 6 regions based upon Healthy Places Index scores and local community-based organization coverage areas. Click here for a larger version.


The Health Places Index scores map, with funded partners, is shown below, click here for a larger version.