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What is the County of San Mateo Charitable Contributions Campaign?

It is an opportunity for County employees to give back to the community through one-time or regular payroll deduction contributions made to charitable groups working on health, human services, environmental concerns and more.

Even a small amount per paycheck can go a long way toward providing needed support and services in our community! See the pledge form below.

The participating organizations include those within San Mateo County, and many more that fall under the umbrella of three charitable "Federations." Options include: Canine Companions for Independence, Health Care Heroes, Sheriff's Activities League, The Children's Fund, San Mateo County Parks Foundation, Wendler Substance Abuse Treatment Fund, Foundation for San Mateo County Libraries, The Adult Fund, Meals on Wheels, Homeless Fund, and Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). Federations ("umbrella" organizations that handle charitable giving for a variety of smaller orgs) also participate in the campaign: EarthShare of California, Community Health Charities of California, and United Way Bay Area. See the Campaign Brochure below for details about these organizations.

Who Operates the Campaign?

Coordinators from each department organize their department's drive. Charitable federation representatives can be invited to make presentations to employees on the work of their member groups. 

Who Benefits?

Everybody. The programs and services of the non-profit organizations participating in the campaign make our community healthier, stronger and safer. During the campaign, you have the chance to learn more about the issues, the groups' work and what you, your family and your co-workers can do to help. 

How Much Should I Contribute?

Giving is a personal decision. It depends on many factors, such as your income, your personal circumstances, and your concern about particular health, social and environmental problems. Your contributions can be made conveniently through payroll deduction, and you can give as little as $1 per paycheck! See the pledge form below.

Give what you can... it all helps! 

The logos below represent just a small example of the range of charities employees can choose from.

United Way Bay Area and EarthShare, along with Community Health Charities of California, are "Federations" that coordinate donations to the many different charities under their umbrellas. See the brochure below for a list of the charities the fall under Federations, as well as details about standalone organizations within San Mateo County you may wish to donate to.

San Mateo County Charitable Contributions Campaign

QUESTIONS? Please contact Eric Forgaard in the County Executive's Office at eforgaard@smcgov.org.