The County of San Mateo is committed to ensuring a complete count of all residents in Census 2020.  Large segments of the county have historically been hard to count or are expected to be least likely to respond given the current political climate.  Therefore, we aim to work with trusted community partners to educate, motivate, and activate residents in participating in the census. Contractors submitted proposals to provide outreach education and support in specific regions of the county, which can be seen below.

San Mateo County Funded Organizations

RFP #1 Awardees
Organization Region
Bay Area Community Health Advisory Council 4
Council of American-Islamic Relations 2, 3
Healthways, Inc 1
JobTrain 6
Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club 1-8
Multicultural Institute 5
Nuestra Casa 5
Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center 1-8
Puente de la Costa Sur 7
Thrive Alliance of Nonprofits All


Organization Region
Daly City Partnership 1
International Rescue Committee 4, 5, 6
Pacifica Resource Center 8
San Mateo County Union Community Alliance 1, 2, 3
SIREN 1,5,6,8
Tax-Aid 1,4,5,6


Organization Region
Coastside Farmers Markets 7, 8
Nuestra Casa 4, 5, 6
Pilipino Bayanihan Resource Center 1
Redwood City Public Library 5
San Mateo Chamber of Commerce 4
South San Francisco Community Learning Center 2
San Mateo County Pride Center (Star Vista) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Support Life Foundation 5,6
We Vote, Redwood City 5

All Organizations Funded in San Mateo County

Below is a working list of organizations funded to provide census outreach and support within San Mateo County. The three funding organizations are: San Mateo County (SMC), the Bay Area Census Funders Collaborative which includes the Silicon Valley Community Foundation (BACFC), and the United Way Bay Area (UWBA).  The acronyms are shown in the Funder column below. Additionally, the Geography column specifies where the outreach was funded, some contracts were specifically to a region within San Mateo County, and some were multi-county contracts.

Organization Scope Overview Geography Funder
Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus Support Bay Area CBOs conducting census outreach in HTC communities, providing legal, policy and technical expertise 9 Counties BACFC
Bayanihan Equity Center Outreach, educate, improve + increase participation of HTC Filipino residents San Francisco + San Mateo BACFC
Bay Area Community Health Advisory Broad outreach and administration of a QAC to serve San Mateo, Foster City and Belmont Region 4 of SMC SMC
Catholic Charities Cyo of the Archdiocese SF Use existing infrastructure that directly impacts individuals with education, outreach and technology Marin, San Francisco and San Mateo BACFC
City of South San Francisco Hire 9 promotoras and census assistant; utilize literacy service programs serving SSF, San Bruno, Daly City and Colma to provide census education, host community events at QAC, educational presentations. Regions 1 + 2 of SMC UWBA
Community Health Partnership of SCC Provide dedicated staff for community organizing, education and outreach to patients and clients San Mateo + Santa Clara BACFC
Council on American-Islamic Relations Work to reach Muslims and intersecting marginalized communities 9 counties BACFC / SMC
Daly City Partnership Support outreach, education and direct assistance at selected Daly City schools, community/senior centers, and family resource centers where already deeply embedded; also provide QAKs Region 1 of SMC SMC
Day Worker Center of Mountain View Reach out to people of color, immigrants, low-income communities and children. San Mateo + Santa Clara BACFC
Dolores Street Community Services Support HTC immigrant Latino residents, particularly those who work in informal economies. San Francisco + San Mateo BACFC
East Palo Alto Center for Community Media Implement You Count campaign, hold community workshops and outreach events. Regions 5 + 6 of San Mateo, Santa  Clara, Alameda UWBA
El Concilio of San Mateo County Outreach to people of color, immigrants, low-income families and other populations through established outlets and ongoing programs Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo + Santa Clara BACFC
Faith in Action Bay Area Educate Latino, Spanish-speaking populations about the importance of being counted, and provide support San Francisco + San Mateo BACFC
Gardner Family Health Network Outreach, educate and assist 46,231+ patients and clients including undocumented, low income, homeless and persons living in low-visibility housing San Mateo +  Santa Clara BACFC
Golden State Opportunity Foundation Leverage proven innovative outreach model to reach HTC populations 9 counties BACFC
Healthways, Inc Broad outreach and administration of a QAC tailored to resident in Daly City and unincorporated Colma and Broadmoor Region 1 of SMC SMC
Immigrant Legal Resource Center Outreach and educate HTC communities, alleviate concerns, encourage participation 9 counties BACFC
Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity Work with 15 immigrant churches, train faith leaders, host community events, provide assistance / incentives Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco + San Mateo BACFC
International Rescue Committee Outreach to newcomer residents: refugees, asylees, victims of trafficking, special immigrant visa holders San Mateo + Santa Clara SMC / BACFC
JobTrain Parter with Community Legal Services East Palo Alto, Legal Aid Society, One East Palo Alto, and East Palo Alto Center for Community Media Region 6 of SMC SMC
Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County Outreach and educate through its various programs with focus on immigrants through LIBRE project San Mateo BACFC
Legal Services for Prisoners with Children Hold community education events; engage 23 chapters of All of Us or None promoting census participatoin, advocate at all meetings, run social media campaign Region 6 of SMC + Alameda, San Francisco UWBA
LifeMoves Create custom bags to homeless individuals and families with information San Mateo + Santa Clara BACFC
Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired Conduct outreach, education and assistance to blind/low vision residents to increase awareness and participation 9 counties BACFC
Mid-Peninsula Boys and Girls Club Incorporate census education into Leadership Programs: primary target is low-income youth ages 11-19, will partner with Clubs of North San Mateo County, the Peninsula, and Coastside  All Regions in SMC / San Francisco BACFC / SMC
Multi-Cultural Institute Conduct census outreach and education to Latinx immigrants; encourage and prepare day laborers and immigrants to participate Region 5 of SMC / Alameda + Contra Costa BACFC / SMC
National Coalition of 100 Black Women Silicon Valley Chapter Support efforts to ensure a fair, accurate and complete census count San Mateo + Santa Clara BACFC
Nuestra Casa Broad outreach with promotoras, administer a QAC, tailored to residents of Redwood City, North Fair Oaks, East Palo Alot, East Menlo Park, and Belle Haven communities. Region 5 of SMC BACFC / SMC
One East Palo Alto Mount an intensive outreach and education campaign to decrease fear in HTC communities in East Palo Alto, Belle Haven, eastern Menlo Park Region 6 BACFC / SMC
Pacifica Resource Center Outreach campaign in Pacifica to El Granada to educate, motivate and activate residents by utilizing trusted messengers and community influencers to provide street outreach, door knocking, social media, presentations and a QAK. Region 8 SMC
Pars Equality Center Support under-served Farsi/Dari-speaking Iranian, Afghani, Assyrian, Armenian + other Middle Eastern refugees, asylees and immigrants, including minority religious sects Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo + Santa Clara BACFC
Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center Conduct census outreach and education that is socio-culturally and linguistically tailored to Pacific Island and Latino communities. Form an API and Latino Complete Count Committees (2) San Mateo + San Francisco BACFC / SMC
Peninsula Family Service Train 40 staff members who will then train parents at 8 Early Learning sites; conduct social media campaign and on the ground "PFS Census Days" campaign Regions 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 of SMC / Santa Clara BACFC / UWBA
Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, Inc Outreach and access for HTC populations in PPMM health centers and communities San Mateo + Santa Clara BACFC
Puente de la Costa Sur Broad outreach with promotoras, administer a QAC tailored to residents of Pescadero, La Honda, Loma Mar and San Gregorio, partner with Coastside Hope, and canvassing Region 7 BACFC / SMC / UWBA
SMC Community College District (Skyline College) Desseminate census 2020 info through emails, website and material, in-person outreach to HTC populations on campus and surrounding areas, hold town hall and workshops to create safe spaces to discuss census Region 2 UWBA
SMC Union Community Alliance Outreach and education to low-wage + immigrant workers at SFO, QAKs at SFO. Work with Faith in Action, Migrante and Youth Leadership Institute to engage union members to reach schools, senior centers, congregations, and civic organizations where union members are active. Regions 1, 2, 3 of San Mateo SMC
Self-Help for the Elderly Provide telephone assistance, email assistance and one-to-one assistance Region 4 of SMC / Alameda + Santa Clara BACFC / UWBA
SIREN Host community kiosk / partner with organizations to host kiosks, reach immigrants and refugees Regions 4, 5, 6 of San Mateo, Alameda + Santa Clara BACFC / SMC / UWBA
South San Francisco Public Library   Region 2 of SMC BACFC
TaxAid Utilize 4 tax sites to leverage wait time with clients to engage about the census and why it is important. Integrate census in all outreach and free tax service centers during tax season. QAC Regions 1, 4, 5, 6 of SMC, Alameda, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, Santa Clara + Sonoma BACFC / SMC / UWBA
The International Institute of the Bay Area Educate immigrants in their role as an established and trusted source of information for undocumented immigrants and mixed-status families 8 counties BACFC
Thrive Serve as a lead in overseeing Community Action Teams across SMC, and serve as a liaison with SMC census team All 8 regions of SMC BACFC / SMC / UWBA
Working Partnerships USA Educate and motivate regional labor: low-income, immigrant working families and other HTC populations San Mateo + Santa Clara BACFC
YMCA of San Francisco Inform individuals about the census, with a focus on multiple-family residences, people experiencing homelessness, and minorities including monolingual Spanish speakers Region 2 of SMC UWBA