Temporary, modular buildings to house recreational and other programs after fire destroys community center.

Important note: the following recommendation was approved by the Board of Supervisors on April 11, 2017:

DISTRICT 1 (Supervisor Dave Pine) FY 2016-17 Measure K Request

One-Time Grant of $250,000 to City of Millbrae for Modular Buildings for Interim Community Center Project

This is a request to authorize an agreement with the City of Millbrae for the term April 11, 2017, through June 30, 2017, in an amount not to exceed $250,000 to contribute toward the construction of modular buildings, which will serve as an interim community center while the new center is under construction. The grant agreement will be administered and managed by the County Manager’s Office.

A fire destroyed the City of Millbrae’s Community Center on July 21, 2016. In addition to the temporary facilities and spaces that have been provided throughout the City since the fire, a plan to house recreation staff, build a public reception and business counter, and create flexible rooms for meetings, classes, and program events will be executed with the purchase of the modular building system.

The City will locate the modular buildings in the Community Center’s west parking lot, located on Lincoln Circle. The total estimated cost for this project is $998,487, of which the County’s contribution is $250,000.

While the City is still negotiating the settlement of the overall insurance claim for the Community Center, the actual portion of the cost of the construction of the modular buildings is yet to be determined. The City’s goal is to arrive at a funding solution to pay for the estimated costs of the temporary facilities as follows:

·         Insurance claim reimbursement: $500,000

·         City contribution: $250,000

·         Third party (County) contribution: $250,000

The City intends to sell the modular buildings in 2-3 years when permanent facilities have been constructed.

The loss of the Millbrae Community Center represents a significant impact to the entire community and region. The recreational programs and other services offered at the Community Center are impossible to replicate in disparate locations in spaces with competing uses. The County of San Mateo supports and augments robust recreational programs and services in every local community. Providing community meetings spaces in Millbrae is integral to the mission of the County of San Mateo.

Total Amount Requested: Not to Exceed $250,000

Important note: this is a copy of the official report -- item 6 on the Board's agenda.