Yellow heart with ribbon that reads Community is Sharing

Maria Sanchez, Community Is Sharing

Painting of realistic looking hands and plants

Winsor Kinkade, A Miracle (have you noticed)

Art Connecting Community: A Bridge to Understanding

January 9 - February 26, 2023

The Caldwell Gallery

400 County Center

Redwood City, CA

Free and open to the public M-F 8a-5p


Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation and San Mateo County's Office of Arts and Culture proudly present a group art exhibition featuring works by local San Mateo County artists who offer a snapshot of the diversity and vibrance of our community. 

The exhibition includes works from the following artists:

Jose Castro  (also known as Castro) grew up in North Fair Oaks, San Mateo County, He seeks to inspire community members to embrace their roots through artwork that celebrates cultural diversity and shared history.

Elizabeth Gomez is a professional artist born and raised in Mexico City, residing in the Bay Area since 1991. Her art searches for images that convey a somewhat utopic coexistence between humans (usually women) and their environment: an ecology that ultimately does not exist.

Winsor Kinkade is an artist and community mental health social worker. Viewing art as a therapeutic process that aids in healing trauma, Kinkade has been working on oil paintings that feature different people's hands.

Pedro Rivas Lopez uses art as a way to speak truth to power and uplift oppressed voices to amplify social change. At the age of five, his journey as an immigrant pursuing his Dreams began. From selling oranges at street corners, to picking watermelon in the fields, Pedro worked his way to find himself writing and directing plays and creating artistic opportunities for communities across the Central Valley and the Bay Area.

Manuel Ortiz is a sociologist, visual journalist, and professor with more than 18 years of experience in issues concerning social justice, migration, and environment in many different countries.  His photography will focus on the migrant essential workers in San Mateo County who are usually invisible.

Maria Sanchez has been creating art for over 25 years and is an advocate for art as therapy. Her painting style is intuitive, primitive and contemporary.

Laurie Satizabal is a graphic designer and illustrator influenced by organic shapes, mostly from different types of plants. She also draws inspiration from bold layouts complemented by hand lettering and typography.


Featured Exhibition Artwork Gray dove with wings spread open ascending over flowersElizabeth Gomez Freer Painting of realistic looking hands and plantsWinsor Kinkade A young tattooed person floating and carrying a basket of fruitJose Castro An angel set against a blue skyPedro Rivas Lopez Yellow heart with ribbon that reads Community is SharingMaria Sanchez Photograph of woman standing masked in fieldManuel Ortiz Blurred out impressions of diverse people against a green leaf backgroundLaurie Satizabal