All Fireworks are illegal in unincorporated San Mateo County.

This includes all County Parks and the following communites:

  • North Fair Oaks
  • Emerald Lake Hills
  • San Mateo
  • Highlands
  • La Honda
  • San Gregorio
  • El Granada
  • Pescadero
  • Moss Beach
  • Miramar

West Menlo Park

Fireworks are also illegal in 18 of the county's 20 cities. Check with your local fire department for more information.



All types of fireworks — including those labeled 'safe and sane' — are illegal in the unincorporated areas and most of San Mateo County. The County has zero tolerance for fireworks.

Anyone caught lighting, selling or possessing fireworks faces $1,000 fine under a new crackdown. Don't risk a $1,000 fine and hurting yourself or others and starting a fire.

Did you know parents are liable for damage or injuries caused by their children? Renters and property owners face fines if fireworks are used on their property.

Call 650-363-4911 if you see illegal activity. You can remain anonymous.

What's New:

Fines for violations of the County's Fireworks Ordinance were increased in May 2021 to $1,000 for all violations.

Parents are responsible for damage or injuries caused by their children using fireworks.

Renters and property owners face fines if fireworks are used on their property.

Read the news release.

Remember: All fireworks are illegal, even those labeled 'safe and sane' such as sparklers, fountains and snakes.


The fine for all fireworks violations — use, sale, possession — is now $1,000 per offense.

Cause serious injuries or property damage in excess of $1,000? Violators face a misdemeanor charge carrying additional fines and up to six months in jail. 

Repeat violators — that is two violations in a 12-month period — can be held liable for all costs incurred by public safety responders, including:

► The salaries and benefits of the public safety personnel for the amount of time spent responding to, remaining at, or otherwise dealing with the violation;

► The cost of any medical treatment to or for any public safety personnel injured responding to, remaining at, or leaving the scene of the violation; and

► The cost of repairing any public safety equipment or property damage, and the cost of the use of any such equipment, in responding to, remaining at, or leaving the scene of the violation.

Don't Spark a Wildfire!

The County's crackdown on illegal fireworks comes as the region is recovering from a series of devastating wildfires. 

Remember: Fireworks spark wildfires.


The CZU Lightning Complex series of fires in August 2020 charred thousands of acres, highlighting the region's threat from wildfire.


Did You Know?

Hospitals treat 10,000 fireworks-related injuries a year.

Children account for more than one in three injuries.

Most injuries occur just before and just after the Fourth of July.


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