What is a Municipal Service Review (MSR)?
A municipal service review (MSR) is a comprehensive analysis of municipal services within a designated geographic or municipal service area that evaluates the population and expected growth in the area, provision of services, fiscal health, and governance. The MSR also includes a discussion of possible opportunities for improvement, efficiencies, and coordination with other agencies to ensure ongoing, sustainable service delivery.

What is a Sphere of Influence (SOI)? 
A sphere of influence (SOI) is a LAFCo-approved planning boundary beyond the agency’s legal boundary that designates an agency’s probable future boundary and service area. The purpose of a SOI to provide guidance to agencies around orderly growth and efficient provision of municipal services.

Below are agency municipal reviews and reports sorted by date. 

City of Burlingame MSR, 10-25-2023 Town of Hillsborough, 10-25-2023 Broadmoor Police Protection District Special Study, 3-8-2023 City of South San Francisco, 11-9-2022 Westborough Water District, 11-9-2022 East Palo Alto Sanitary District, City of East Palo Alto, West Bay Sanitary District, 06-8-2022 County Service Area No. 11 (Pescadero), 5-18-2022 Sequoia Healthcare District and Peninsula Health Care District, 2017 North County Cities and Special Districts (Final) - (Bayshore Sanitary District, City of Brisbane, Colma Fire Protection District, City of Daly City, Guadalupe Valley Municipal Improvement District, North Coast County Water District, North San Mateo County Sanitation District, City of Pacifica), 9-16-2015 San Mateo County Harbor District MSR, 07-15-2015 California State Assembly Select Committee Report - Sea-Level Rise: a Slow-Moving Emergency - August 2014 Mid-peninsula Regional Open Space District - Santa Clara LAFCo - December 2013 San Mateo, City of; Crystal Springs County Sanitation District; and County Service Area No. 1 (Highlands) - 3-13-2013 San Mateo County Mosquito and Vector Control District (and as San Mateo County Mosquito Abatement District) - 7-11-2012 County Service Area No. 7 (La Honda) - 11-9-2011 County Service Area No. 11 (Pescadero) - 10-12-2011 Belmont, Belmont Fire Protection District; and Related County-governed Districts - 7-14-2011 San Carlos, City of; Unincorporated Palomar Park and Devonshire Areas; and Related County-governed Districts - 7-13-2011 Mid-Peninsula Water District 03-11-2013 Redwood City, City of; County Service Area No. 8 (North Fair Oaks); and Other Related County-governed Districts - 1-10-2011 East Palo Alto, City of - 2009 Menlo Park, City of - 9-10-2009 Pescadero Fire Flow Analysis - 5-1-2009 East Palo Alto Sanitary District - 2-17-2009 West Bay Sanitary District 02-12-2009 Half Moon Bay, City of and Unincorporated Midcoast Sphere of Influence Update - (Coastside County Water District, Coastside Fire Protection District, County Service Area No. 6 (Princeton-by-the-Sea),County Service Area No. 10 (Montara Parks), County Service Area No. 12 (Montara/Moss Beach), Granada Community Services District (as Granada Sanitary District), Montara Water and Sanitary District) - 10-7-2008 10-7-2008 Pescadero Community Sewer Project - October 2008 Atherton, Town of and Atherton Channel Drainage District - 8-14-2008 Ladera Recreation District - 10-15-2007 Portola Valley, Town of - 10-10-2007 Town of Woodside - 09-14-2007 Menlo Park and Woodside Fire Protection Districts - 8-8-2007 Sequoia and Peninsula Health Care Districts - 05-04-2007 Town of Colma, Colma Fire Protection Department & Broadmoor Police Protection Department - 03-14-2007 San Mateo County Harbor District - 10-11-2006 Skyline County Water District - 9-13-2006 San Mateo County Resource Conservation District - 8-11-2006 Los Trancos County Maintenance District (as Los Trancos County Water District) - 7-28-2006 Midcoast Park & Recreation Governance Alternatives Study - 1-5-2005 Point Montara and Half Moon Bay Fire Protection Districts - 5-12-2004 Pescadero Creek Road Hydraulic Study - 1999