Budget Audit Processing Fees

LAFCO, as an independent agency, is required to annually adopt a draft budget by May 1 and a final budget by June 15 at noticed public hearings.

Final FY2024-25 Budget

Final FY2023-24 Budget

Final FY2022-23 Budget

Final FY2021-22 Budget


LAFCo engages independent auditors to prepare an audit of Commission finances.

Approved FY2021-22 Audit

Approved FY2020-21 Audit

Approved FY2019-20 Audit

Approved FY2018-19 Audit

Processing Fees

Processing fees must be adopted by resolution at a noticed public hearing. During the FY19-20 budget process, a recommendation was made and adopted by the Commission to review fees every two years.

San Mateo LAFCo Fee Schedule - Adopted and Effective July 18, 2023