If you enrolled in Medi-Cal last year, you will need to renew your health coverage on an annual basis.  Sixty days prior to your renewal month, the Human Services Agency will send you a renewal packet.   If you received a notification from the County, please submit the form back to the Human Services Agency or you may lose your coverage.  If your renewal form has not been received within the end of your renewal month, you could lose your health coverage.  At that point, you will have up to 90 days to submit forms to start coverage again before you have to reapply from the beginning.


 You can submit your renewal packet through one of the following ways below. NOTE: You will not lose benefits for failing to submit the packet while the  COVID-19 public health emergency remains in effect.


If you enrolled in a private health insurance plan with Covered CA, you will receive a notification from Covered CA and you may renew your health coverage on their website at www.coveredca.com.