San Mateo County Memorial Park Celebration Opening Ceremony and the Presentation of Colors

Opening Ceremony and Presentation of Colors

CEO Mike Callagy

San Mateo County CEO Mike Callagy 

Commissioner Brandon Jones

Veteran Commissioner Brandon Jones

Memorial Plaque Veteran Keyes

Veteran Keyes Singing the National Anthem 

Color Guard

Color Guard

Commissioner Brandon Jones

Commissioner Brandon Jones

June 7th Veteran Stand Down

2024 Memorial Day Golden Gate National Cemetery Golden Gate National Cemetery Memorial Day 2024 Golden Gate National Cemetery Memorial Day 2024 Golden Gate National Cemetery Memorial Day 2024 Golden Gate National Cemetery Memorial Day 2024
2023 Christmas Event Commission

WWII Veteran Leland Saylor with County Veteran Advocates and Commissioners. 

John and Donna

Veteran Commissioner Chair Donna Vaillancourt, Veteran Advocate John Helin, and Veteran Service Officer Ed Kiryczun.


WWII Veteran Frank talking to a young Boy Scout


The attendees and volunteers of the Veterans Christmas Event

John Speech

John Helin fiving the opening remarks of the event. 

crowd 2

Crowd getting to their seat. 

June 29th & June 30th Colonel De Soto Returns Home Airforce

Airforce PallBearers escorting Colonel De Soto


VSO Ed getting ready to welcome Colonel De Soto home. 

American Legion Salute

American Legion Post 105 meets Colonel De Soto at the airport. 

American Legion

Colonel De Soto headed to Golden Gate National Cemetery 


American Legion giving a farewell salute. 

George Smith

Commander George Smith meeting with Colonel De Soto's surviving wife. 

Air Force

Air Force and American Legion paying their respects to Colonel De Soto and his family. 


Flags on Display at the service. 

Mid County

County Fire Paying their respects outside of the funeral home of Colonel De Soto's service. 

2022 Veteran Christmas Event Christmas Event

2022 Christmas Event 

Christmas Event

2022 Christmas Event Stage

Frank John & Ed.

WWII Frank with John and Ed 

American Legion

American Legion Chapter 105


Veterans Curation Program

VCP CVSO Commisioners.

VCP, CVSO, and Commissioners


WWII Frank giving a speech

2022 Veterans Day Event American Legion Chapter 105