Chapter 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill

The Post 9/11 GI Bill provides active duty and veteran service members with education benefits for their military service. Eligibility includes those who have served on active duty for 90 or more days since Sept. 10, 2001. The Post 9/11 GI Bill provides 36 months of educational benefits.

These benefits may cover up to 100% of tuition, fees, and book cost in addition to a housing allowance based upon the total time spent in military service (36 months of service or more for 100% eligibility). This service time can include Title 10 mobilizations and some Title 32 duty for Reservists & National Guard members.

Yellow Ribbon

The Yellow Ribbon Program can provide funding, in addition to the service member's GI Bill, towards educational goals and degrees. The Yellow Ribbon program is awarded to Institutions of Higher Learning and not the service member themselves.

However, the service member will need to qualify in the 100% GI Bill benefit level to be considered eligible to receive Yellow Ribbon funds through the institution. In addition, active duty service members or their spouses are not eligible for this program.

The Yellow Ribbon Program may provide additional funding once the GI Bill annual cap (roughly $21k/year) has been reached. Please reference the link below to discover which Institutions of Higher Learning are participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve (Chapter 1606)

The Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR) program offers up to 36 months of education and training benefits.
If you’re a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard Reserve, Army National Guard, or Air National Guard, you may be eligible for this benefit.

Chapter 30 Montgomery GI Bill

The Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) may be available for service members who enlisted into the U.S. Armed Forces. The MGIB is comprised of two major programs.

First the Active Duty program for those service members who paid into the program upon entering military service ($100/month during the first year of service) and the Selected Reserve for National Guard and Reserve members who fulfilled six years of service and are actively continuing to drill.

Eligibility is determined based upon the date the service member enlisted and the the length of service fulfilled. 

Chapter 32 VEAP

Ch. 32 Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP) -is available to veterans who have made contributions from their military pay while on active duty to participate in this education benefit program. The government matches the contributions on a 2-for-1 basis.

The VEAP program can be utilized to obtain a degree, certificate, correspondence, apprenticeship, and vocational flight training programs.

Eligible veterans are those who have served between 1 to 36 months depending on the number of monthly contributions. Service members have 10 years from their release from active duty to use VEAP benefits. If the entitlement is not used after the 10-year period, the veterans’ contributions will be automatically refunded.

Troops to College

Troops to College was created to help veterans, especially combat veterans, transition to civilian life and the college environment.

Veterans and their families may enroll in a course about combat stress, post-traumatic stress disorders, and other issues affecting veterans returning to civilian life. Courses are taught by a VA counselor who are also combat veterans.

The curriculum is specifically designed to increase the student veteran's academic, work, and social success. The class provides participants instruction in interpersonal skills, methods of adapting to civilian life and work careers, and techniques for managing military operational stress.

Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E) commonly referred to as Voc-Rehab or Ch. 31 is a benefit available to veterans who are service connected (disabled due to time in service) and are unemployed.

Services provided under Voc-Rehab may include education and career counseling, readjustment counseling, career assessments and additional VA funding to complete a degree. Among other eligibility requirements, the service member will need to have a service-connected disability of at least 10% or more from the VA.

VA Work Study

The VA work-study allowance is available to any person training at ¾ time (9 units) or higher and using any form of the GI Bill including:

Ch. 33 Post 9/11

Ch. 30 MGIB

Ch. 31 Voc-Rehab

Ch. 35 DEA

For Dependents Only

CALVET Tuition Fee Waiver

The College Tuition Fee Waiver for Dependents of Service Connected Veterans waives mandatory systemwide tuition and fees at any State of California Community College, California State University, or University of California campus.

This program does not cover the expense of books, parking or room and board. There are four plans under which dependents of veterans may be eligible. Veteran must be service connected (0-100%) for their dependents to be eligible.

Chapter 33 DEA

The Survivors' and Dependents' Educational Assistance (DEA) program offers education and training opportunities to eligible dependents of Veterans who are permanently and totally disabled due to a service-related condition or of Veterans who died while on active duty or as a result of a service-related condition.

John Fry Scholarship

The Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Scholarship (Fry Scholarship) provides Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits to the children and surviving spouses of Service-members who died in the line of duty while on active duty after September 10, 2001.












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