June 7th: Veteran Service Veteran Stand Down

June Stand Down Flyer

We have over 40 organizations signed up to provide services. Additionally our County Private Defenders Program and Courts will be providing the following services to all veterans!

* Legal Services do come with the caveat that the veteran be eligible for such services*

1) Waiver of any outstanding traffic fines/fees – it doesn’t matter how old and it doesn’t matter if they are in collections.  The judge will waive them.  (PLEASE NOTE: The judge cannot do anything about parking tickets – those are issued by each city).

2) Bench Warrant Assistance – Depending on whether the warrant is for a misdemeanor or felony, we have agreed on how we will handle these to get the warrants recalled, so people can deal with their cases while out of custody.

3) Post-Convictions Relief and Sealing of Record Assistance – this includes sealing of records when there was not a conviction, expungements, vacating pleas and, if eligible, assistance in getting off of the sex registration requirement. 

4) Child Support Criminal Contempt (DCSS CDL Suspensions) – when someone stops paying child support, their license is suspended.  One of our attorneys is familiar with the process and can help suggest how individuals can get their license back.

*We can only assist with matters in San Mateo County*

Also, with the VA taking a focused approach on Toxic Exposure during service I have attached the VA Occupational Hazards Flyer. The VA will be on site to enroll veterans in VA Health Care and get this Toxic Screening process going!


Registration is not required but registering will help secure veterans a space if they need legal assistance.

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