2022 Veterans Recognition Awardees George Smith

George Smith (USMC) Commander of American Legion Chapter 105. 

Patriots of the Year

Patriots of the Year Winners Andrew Trapani and Wendy Weller


Enterprise of the Year Veteran Surf Alliance


Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Jackie Speier

Key Note Speaker Thomas Cooper (Left)

Key Note Speaker RADM Thomas Cooper

WWII Albert Adreveno

WWII Albert Adrevano

Pledge of Allegiance

Pledge of Allegiance

USMC 23rd Regiment

USMC 23rd Marine Regiment Color Guard

POW/ MIA Table

POW/MIA Table at the Veteran Recognition Luncheon 


Nominations for the 2023 VOY Event are now closed.

Forms are also available at the San Mateo County Veteran Services Office:

550 Quarry Road, San Carlos, CA 94070.

For questions, please call 650-802-6598.


Veterans of the Year Recipients Archive


Veterans Fund

The San Mateo County Veterans Fund was created in 2017 and is administered by the San Mateo County Human Services Agency’s County Veterans Office to support veterans’ initiatives and the  needs of the County veteran population. The 2011‐2015 American Community Survey 5‐Year Estimates report that there are 28,739 veterans residing in San Mateo County. Contributions to the Veterans Fund will be considered as a general donation deposited to the Veterans Trust Fund to be used for extraordinary one‐time requests to support veteran individuals who are currently being served by County programs. Extraordinary requests are to fill a special need that is not able to be met through any other funding source or program. Examples of one‐time extraordinary needs can include:

  • Education related expenses (books, course)
  • Required equipment not covered by other funding sources
  • Scholarships
  • Employment related support
  • Re‐integration activities
  • Other related needs

This fund will not pay for administrative or operational expenses; 100% of donated funds are deposited directly to the Veterans Trust Fund account. Funding requests for the Veterans Fund program will be accepted and reviewed by the County Veterans Services Office. Contributions can be made by check payable to the Veteran Trust Fund and mailed to the Human Services Agency, Attention Veterans Trust Fund at 1 Davis Drive, Belmont, CA 94070. For more information about the Veterans Fund, please contact us at (650) 802‐6598

Applying for the Extraordinary Needs Fund

Application for the Extraordinary Needs Fund are made by direct referral by a County of San Mateo Veterans Services Representative.

In addition to meeting residency and income-limit requirements, requests for the one-time fund request must demonstrate a critical need that if not met will create a barrier to accessing benefits, services, or successfully completing an educational or vocational program. Individuals interested in applying for the Extraordinary Needs Fund should reach out to their San Mateo County VSR or contact (650) 802-6598 to schedule an appointment with one of our VSR's.

Funding for Veterans Initiatives

Veterans initiatives include one-time outreach, or resource events to veteran-serving organizations that increase veterans’ and their dependent’s awareness of the benefits they may be eligible for, and encouraging them to apply for potentially eligible disability compensation and pensions, dependency and indemnity compensation, education and training benefits, and other resources specific to veterans and their dependents. 

For more information on the Funding available for Veterans Initiatives please contact the CVSO at VeteranServices-SMC@smcgov.org

Contact Information
San Mateo County Veteran Services Office
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San Carlos, CA 94002Get Directions
Phone or Virtual Appointments Only
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
In-Person Appointments
Phone or Virtual Appointments Only
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
In-Person Appointments
Phone or Virtual Appointments
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