Is veteran enrolled in VA Healthcare?

  • Yes – Does veteran have other insurance?

    • Yes – Do they want to use VA Healthcare Coverage?

    • Yes –

      • VA Must be notified within 72 hours of treatment.  More Info
      • Generally, emergency treatment is only covered until such time as the Veteran can be safely transferred to a VA or other federal facility. Refusal to transfer can result in veteran being liable for the cost of care beyond the point of stabilization
      • Note: There are limitations to VA’s ability to provide coverage when you have other health insurance (OHI). If you have OHI, but it does not fully cover the costs of treatment, VA may pay certain costs for which you are personally liable
    • No –

    • If veteran is interested in enrolling in VA Healthcare Contact ******** or Enroll Here

Is the Veteran admitted for a suicidal crisis? - Yes

  • Notification as soon as possible is imperative because VA must verify a Veteran’s eligibility for emergent suicide care if they are not already enrolled or registered with VA. You should also contact your local VA medical center (VAMC) to coordinate follow-on care and transfer activities, if necessary.

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