The San Mateo County Health Campus project includes renovation of a nursing wing and central plant to receive essential hospital services for a non-compliant building, relocation of Department of Public Works (DPW) engineering shop and offices, Relocation of MRI trailer and dental van, and demolition and replacement of seismically outdated 1950s-era health administration buildings. The project also includes changes to the campus landscaping including a prominent plaza/drop-off area to improve navigation. Along with these relocations is the addition of two new ground up buildings. A 51,650 sq ft Administration building that will house the new morgue, relocated public health lab, as well as the relocated health administration staff. The second building is a 34,899 sq ft Link building that will house the new café, the relocated engineering department, and be a “link” to the new admin building and the clinics building.

As part of the project, approximately 300 Health employees will be relocated off-site. In addition, the coroner’s facilities (morgue and offices) will be consolidated onto the Health campus. The project is currently underway and will proceed in multiple phases with an estimated completion for the final phase 1st quarter 2023.

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