I am a passionate art enthusiast and entrepreneur with a lifelong love of art. I initially became interested in art during my engineering education at UCSB, where I took a number of courses in art and architectural appreciation. After graduating, I continued my art education by taking classes at local art schools and museums.

As my career in chemical and health science progressed, I traveled extensively for business. I always made time to visit local art spaces and museums, and I have visited most of the major museums in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. This personal education has enabled me to explore different ways of seeing and appreciating art as a rewarding way to communicate and respect cultures.

As an entrepreneur, I have a strong interest in using art to connect with people and build community. I have operated small businesses, national businesses, and international businesses. I have always been aware of my civic duties and have participated in a number of municipal volunteer organizations. I am currently serving on the Hillsborough Citizens Communication Advisory Board.

I am excited to bring my passion for art and my entrepreneurial perspective to the Arts Commission. I believe that art is an essential element of our community, and I am committed to promoting art education and particularly art appreciation. I am also committed to using art to connect with people and build communities.


Mahdad Nassiri
Mahdad Nassiri
Commissioner for District 1