May 12, 2023
  • Redwood City – The County of San Mateo will receive federal funds to provide housing for 20 individuals or families that have among the highest need for shelter and services.

    The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development selected the County and its partners for a competitive grant that totals $3.5 million over three years. The bulk of the funds – $2.47 million – will provide 20 new housing vouchers.

    “This is great news because we know the solution to homelessness is first and foremost access to housing,” said Selina Toy Lee of the County’s Human Services Agency. “Once individuals and families have stable housing, then we can help them with the supports they need such as health care, counseling and other services.”

    The vouchers will be administered by the Department of Housing and will provide rental assistance to people experiencing homelessness, including survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking or human trafficking.

    In addition to the new housing vouchers, HUD also awarded $919,000 over three years to Retraining the Village, a nonprofit based in East Palo Alto, to provide homeless outreach and housing support services, and $140,000 over three years to the County’s Human Services Agency to coordinate programs.

    The HUD grant builds upon the County’s efforts to end homelessness – ensuring that every county resident experiencing homelessness can be safely sheltered in an emergency shelter, or in temporary or permanent housing.

    Just last month, local officials from across the Peninsula gathered to celebrate the opening of San Mateo County’s first Navigation Center, which will provide 240 safe temporary living spaces for individuals and couples along with intensive on-site support services in Redwood City. Shelter residents are beginning the process of moving in this month.