Measure A is a countywide half-cent sales tax approved by San Mateo County voters in November 2012. The following table lists each expenditure of Measure A funds since the sales tax took effect on April 1, 2013. The categories are used for tracking purposes. For more information, visit our Measure A homepage.

Initiatives FY 2013-14 Actuals (Audited) FY 2014-15 Actuals (Audited) FY 2015-16 Actuals (Unaudited)
Community Services      
SamTrans -- Paratransit Service $5,000,000 $5,000,000 $5,000,000
Library Capital Needs     $1,001,400
Library Capital Needs $1,126,834 $78,620 $217,824
Second Harvest Food Bank     $450,000
North Fair Oaks General Plan Implementation $42,157 $327,791 $1,016,567
Technology/Network Infrastructure $466,499 $4,696,824 $9,885,156
Bicycle Coordinator $25,963 $30,338  
Community Legal Workshops     $10,000
Measure A Outreach Coordinator     $113,140
Tanforan Assembly Center Memorial     $250,000
Rosalie Rendu -- Language and Youth Support     $20,500
Infrastructure -- Buildings and Facilities $725,139 $1,921,772 $3,039,357
Total Community Services $7,386,592 $12,055,345 $20,003,944
Housing and Homelessness      
East Palo Alto Shelter Operations $673,765 $519,696 $515,000
Core Service Agencies -- Emergency Housing Assistance $202,179 $407,821 $430,000
Housing Endowment and Regional Trust Local Housing Match $1,000,000    
San Mateo County City/County Association of Governments -- 21 Elements Housing Element Update     $87,450
Affordable Housing 3.0 and 4.0     $1,200,000
Affordable Housing Initiative     $62,579
Service League -- Home Repairs and Equipment Replacement     $54,995
Assistance with Property Debt for Behavioral Health and Recover Services Treatment Providers     $29,641
Human Services Clarity System Case Management $163,494 $246,962 $221,391
Homeless System Evaluation and Redesign     $97,870
Coastside Hope -- Equipment Replacement     $3,398
Puente de la Costa Sur -- Equipment Replacement     $5,000
Pacifica Resource Center -- Equipment Replacement     $5,000
Farm Labor Housing   $22,297 $285,027
Human Investment Project Shared Housing Program     $76,829
Health System Augmented Housing Inspection Program     $116,616
Homeless Outreach Teams $66,392 $150,000 $280,753
Housing Innovation Fund     $36,670
Housing Locator Services and Rapid Re-housing     $1,044,743
InnVision Shelter Network (now LifeMoves) Motel Voucher Program   $309,288 $28,712
LifeMoves -- Shelter and Facility Repairs     $93,166
Housing for Individuals with a Mental Illness     $242,601
Mobile Hygiene Unit (Showers and Laundry) for Homeless Individuals     $50,000
Feasibility Study -- Rotating Church Shelter on the Coast     $25,000
Safe Harbor Shelter     $200,000
Homeless -- Staff Support     $150,000
Total Housing and Homelessness $2,105,830 $1,656,064 $5,342,442
Public Safety      
Public Safety Dispatch / Regional Operations Center     $1,905,717
Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse (CORA) -- Legal Expenses     $75,000
Coastside Disaster Response Coordinator $20,114 $28,167 $57,186
County Fire Engine Replacement Fund $47,324 $603,284 $1,516,839
Human Trafficking and Commercially Sexual Exploitation of Children Coordinator     $231,315
Pescadero Fire Station   $49,588 $57,012
Re-Entry Employment Preparation Program $21,350 $148,812 $149,226
School Safety $139,331 $456,093 $519,547
Total Public Safety $228,119 $1,285,944 $4,511,841
Parks and Environment      
Parks Operations and Maintenance $807,069 $2,028,540  
Parks Improvements     $1,646,571
Parks Foundation Contribution $100,000    
Groundwater Study     $36,754
Park Renovations (a)     $200,000
Parks Capital Projects $94,262 $896,070 $424,537
Total Parks and Environment $1,001,331 $2,924,610 $2,307,862
Older Adults and Veterans Services      
Elder Dependent Adult Protection Team     $623,735
Fall Prevention -- Health System     $20,636
Services for Older Adults (b)     $1,315,748
Veterans Services   $228,074 $177,355
Total Older Adults and Veterans Services   $228,074 $2,137,474
Health and Mental Health      
Seton Medical Center -- North County Health Care $11,300,000 $13,250,000  
Coastside Medical Services $23,998   $216,559
Health Home Visits     $946,855
Mental Health System of Care for Adults (c) $33,886 $338,188 $733,259
Oral Health Coalition -- Dental Needs Assessment     $30,000
Public Health Nurse Program     $144,358
Total Health and Mental Health $11,357,884 $13,588,188 $2,071,031
Youth and Education      
Prevention and Early Intervention Services for At-Risk Youth (d) $1,605,853 $4,351,681 $4,241,019
At-Risk Foster Youth Services     $217,158
Early Learning and Care (The Big Lift)     $1,301,002
County Office of Education and Schools Coordination     $58,326
Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) $100,000 $100,000 $103,000
Early Childhood Community Teams     $660,000
Human Resources Youth Employment Program (STEP)     $184,914
Liahona Motu Foundation -- LEMO Youth Support Program     $50,000
Library Summer Reading Program $328,300 $206,300 $366,000
Math Scholars Program -- St. James Community Foundation     $10,000
Parenting Education and Training     $49,232
Cabrillo Unified School District Transportation Pilot Program     $18,750
4-H Healthy Living Ambassadors     $30,000
Puente de la Costa Sur Youth Leadership Development     $50,000
StarVista Daybreak Program     $400,000
Youth Leadership Programs     $26,116
Total Youth and Education $2,034,153 $4,657,981 $7,765,517
Total All Categories $24,113,909 $36,396,206 $44,140,110

(a) This is a one-time grant divided among the cities of San Mateo, Belmont and Foster City ($66,666.66 each) for parks improvements.

(b) Services for Older Adults includes dementia services, friendship telephone hotline, kinship care counseling, meals express program and ombudsman services to protect older adults in long-term care.

(c) The Mental Health System of Care for Adults initiative was approved by the Board under one aggregate amount. Projects include the creation of a mental health respite center, expansion of the San Mateo County Mental Health Assessment and Referral Team (SMART), the early review of individuals with a mental illness who are in jail for alternative dispositions and a start-up grant for day center for individuals with a mental illness called the California Clubhouse.

(d) The Prevention and Early Intervention - At Risk Children initiative was approved by the Board under one aggregate amount. Initiatives include: Youth Mental Health First Aid; Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse (CORA) legal Expenses; The Parent Project; Expansion of Mental Health Outpatient Services, Expansion of Substance Abuse Treatment; Prenatal to Three Program; Trauma Related Interventions; Early Onset Bipolar Intervention; StarVista; Expansion of Youth Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment Services;  Family Resource Center Expansion; Community Collaboratives -- East Palo Alto; County Office of Education Coordinator/Liaisons to connect school-based family needs with County services.