All Kids Deserve an Arts Education

The San Mateo County Office of Arts and Culture (OAC) is pleased to partner with Dragonfly Community Arts to provide an Educator Microgrant Arts Program. The grants will support and encourage educators in San Mateo County K-12 Title I schools to bring more arts and culture into their classrooms. The grant cycle will be open from Sept. 23 – Dec. 31, 2022.

Why it’s important:

In 2020, SRI Education research shows “Elementary schools serving high percentages of children from low-income households provide less access to arts instruction, face more barriers to increasing arts education, and are less likely to have dedicated rooms with specialized equipment for the arts.” 

The Arts Educator Microgrant Program aims to address these issues by increasing access to arts and culture education through funding for teachers and their students.


  • Pre-K - 12 Teachers in San Mateo County Title I schools are eligible to apply.
  • Grants will be made in the amount of $200 each.
  •  Teachers must select the funds to be used for either:
    • art materials, instruments, costumes, etc.; or
    • performances, workshops, or art experiences
  • Grants will be awarded to a single teacher or teachers may apply together.
  • Applicants must have approval from their school principal to apply.
  • The OAC reserves the right to limit the number/amount of grants to any one school.
  • First come, first served up to 80 applications and after that will be added to wait list. Those on the wait list will be funded should the OAC receive any additional funding.
  • All programming must be completed by May 31, 2023 and it is the responsibility of the teacher and the arts resources to fulfill the grant requirements.
  • Teachers are responsible to submit a final grant report by June 15, 2023.

To apply for art materials or instruments:

Teachers will create a project on up to $200, send the project link to and will then be awarded the grant through the

To apply for performances, workshops, or art/culture experiences:
Teachers will select programming from a menu of organizations and programs (including music, dance, visual arts, literary arts, and humanities) and apply for a grant through a short online application.

Email questions to:

Participating arts resources:

Art in Action – Visual Arts Casa Circulo Cultural - Music/Dance/Visual Arts Inkflow Communications - Literary Arts Mannakin Theatre & Dance/en Avant School EPA - Dance Music at Kohl Mansion - Music Quinteto Latino - Music Peopleologie - Humanities/Cultural Arts The Beat Within - Literary ZiRu Dance - Dance
Art in Action – Visual Arts

Art in Action has 40 years of experience providing quality visual arts programming to over 75,000 students nationwide, ensuring children have an emotional outlet for creative expression and exploration. An online subscription to one grade-level program (K-8 is available) will grant teachers access to 12 full-length visual art lessons, including lesson plans, project directions, classroom integration suggestions, and training resources for one year. Teachers will receive online professional development resources, as well as customized Art in Action staff support throughout the school year to ensure successful use of the lessons. Learn more:

Casa Circulo Cultural - Music/Dance/Visual Arts

Casa Circulo Cultural is a community-based multidisciplinary art nonprofit dedicated to delivering cultural programming reflective of experiences of the Bay Area Latino communities. We provide creative, educational, and recreational opportunities for to encourage Hispanic art, culture, language and traditions. We offer a varied menu of options for K-12 teachers to choose from, including assembly performances and classroom visits in visual art, music and dance. All offerings are 45-minutes in length and offered one-time only for up to 30 students. Programs encourage students to explore Latino culture and identity, learn new skills, and express themselves through the arts. Learn more:

Inkflow Communications - Literary Arts

Inkflow Communications’ David Jacobson is an author and creative writing instructor with a 43-year writing career including most recently teaching at Citizen Schools at McKinley Institute of Technology. Services offered include a one-time 60-90 minute creative writing workshop (fiction, non-fiction, poetry) for grades 3-12 for up to 30 students. Classes will comprise a mix of lecture, conversation, writing prompts, and read-aloud responses that encourage students to express themselves and cultivate craft into their writing. Classroom approach will incorporate social-emotional learning techniques acquired during David's 15 years of youth sports coaching experience and career with Positive Coaching Alliance. Learn more:

Mannakin Theatre & Dance/en Avant School EPA - Dance

Mannakin Theater & Dance is Bay Area performance and education non-profit that works to bring new individuals and demographics into the world of the performing arts through experiences in the classroom and on the stage. Teachers from Mannakin Theater & Dance will provide a one-time 45-minute dance class for up to 30 students in grades K-6. Classes will teach students the basic movements, etiquette and steps of the ballet classroom in a fun environment that includes classical music. They will also learn choreography for a short dance and perform it for each other. Students will finish the experience with an elementary understanding of ballet steps that they can easily share with family members at home. Learn more:

Music at Kohl Mansion - Music

Since its founding in 1983, Music at Kohl has given over 120,000 students in Peninsula schools the gift of music in lively, interactive performances by renowned musical ensembles from throughout the US and the world. We offer a varied menu of options for K-12 teachers to choose from, including assembly performances, classroom visits, and coaching for orchestra and band students. All offerings are 45-minutes in length and offered one-time only. Programs emphasize the joy of music from many cultures, the power of music to unite and promote understanding, and the relevance of music in our daily lives. Learn more:

Quinteto Latino - Music

Quinteto Latino has 20+ years of experience bringing music education to K-12 classrooms that encourage children of color to express themselves musically and create music that is authentic to their lived experience. A one-time hour-long workshop will introduce up to 30 students to a wind instrument and music fundamentals (sound, rhythm, beat). Students will create their own songs in small groups and perform for each other. Learn more:

Peopleologie - Humanities/Cultural Arts

Peopleologie's Linda Janklow has 35+ years of experience bringing humanities, sciences, and art-based learning to K-12 classrooms. Workshops include a visual field trip, touchable artifacts, and success-oriented hands-on activities that enrich, engage, and excite. A one-time 60/90-minute workshop (materials and equipment included) will introduce up to 30 students to a blend of ancient history, science, culture, and contemporary handcrafting skills. Students will create something the old way, to display and take home. Learn more:

The Beat Within - Literary

Since 1996, The Beat Within has provided youth with consistent opportunities to share their ideas and life experiences in a safe space that encourages literacy, self-expression, and critical thinking skills. Our 60/90-minute workshops introduce students in grades 9-12 to several writing prompts, which are discussed by the group before students select one of the prompts to write about. We work with students individually as needed to help them flesh out their best story, and then students share their work at the end of the session. The class stories will be published and featured in a special section in our magazine that goes all over the USA and back to the students. Learn more:

ZiRu Dance - Dance

ZiRu Dance is a BIPOC modern dance company with over 10 years of experience creating community events, festivals, performances and workshops that bring world renowned artistry to Silicon Valley. ZiRu dance offers multiple opportunities to meet the differing needs of teachers, students and schools including a mental health workshop series called "Move and Release" a movement therapy class. Teachers may choose a one-time 60-minute workshop for up to 30 students in grades 6-12, including tai-chi, modern dance and improvisation, or movement therapy for both trained dancers and non-dancers alike. Learn more: