Wednesday, September 20, 2017

02:30pm to 02:30pm

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Notice of Public Hearing for Meeting of September 20, 2017

Approved September 20, 2017 Meeting Minutes



Wednesday, September 20, 2017
2:30 pm

Board of Supervisors' Chambers
Hall of Justice and Records
400 County Center
Redwood City, CA 94063


  1. Roll Call
  2. Consent Agenda*
    1. Approval of Action Minutes: July 19, 2017
    2. LAFCo File 17-02—Proposed Water Extension by the City of Redwood City to Proposed Single-family Home on Park Road (APN 057-163-110) (Unincorporated San Mateo County) Pursuant to Government Code Section 56133
    3. LAFCo File 17-12—Proposed Water Extension by the City of Redwood City to Proposed Single-family Home on Jefferson Avenue (APN 068-185-220) (Unincorporated San Mateo County) Pursuant to Government Code Section 56133
    4. LAFCo File 17-14—Proposed Annexation of 169 Wayside Road, Portola Valley (APN 076-213-020) to West Bay Sanitary District (less than one acre)
  3. Public Comment for Items Not on the Agenda
Continued Matters
  1. Continued from July 19, 2017: Addendum Report & Recommended Determinations—Municipal Service Review and Sphere of Influence Review for the Sequoia Healthcare District and the Peninsula Health Care District
New Matters
  1. Applications Received and Not Certified as Complete and Ready for Hearing (Information Only):

LAFCo File 17-09—Proposed Annexation of 2111-2121 Sand Hill Road, Stanford (APNs 074-450-030, -040, ‑050) to the City of Menlo Park (13.64 acres)

  1. Consideration of Amendment of the Adopted 2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget Pursuant to Government Code Section 56381
  2. Consideration of a Resolution Authorizing an Agreement with the County of San Mateo for Staffing, Legal Counsel, Office Space, and Supplies for the 2017-18 Fiscal Year
  3. Legislative Report – Information Only
  4. Little Hoover Commission Final Report on Special Districts – Information Only
  5. California Association of Local Agency Formation Commissions (CALAFCO) Correspondence
    1. Nominations for City and/or Special District Members for CALAFCO Coast Region of 2017-2018 Board of Directors and Appointment of Voting Delegates
    2. July 2017 Quarterly Newsletter
  6. Commissioner/Staff Reports
  7. Adjournment


*  All items on the consent agenda may be approved by one roll call vote unless a request is made at the beginning of the meeting that an item be withdrawn. Any item on the consent agenda may be transferred to the regular agenda.


NOTICE: State law requires that a participant in a LAFCo proceeding who has a financial interest in the decision and who has made a campaign contribution of more than $250 to any Commissioner in the past year must disclose the contribution. If you are affected, please notify commission staff before the hearing.

Access for the Disabled: LAFCo meetings are accessible to people with disabilities. Individuals who need special assistance or a disability-related modification or accommodation (including auxiliary aids or services) to participate in this meeting, or who have a disability and wish to request an alternative format for the agenda, meeting notice, agenda packet, or other writings that may be distributed at the meeting, should contact the LAFCo Executive Officer at least five working days before the meeting at (650) 363-4224, fax (650) 363-4849, or at Notification in advance of the meeting will enable the LAFCo staff to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to this meeting and the materials related to it.

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