Families currently or previously enrolled in CalWORKS cash assistance programs may be eligible for free or subsidized childcare through the CalWORKS Stage I and Stage II Childcare programs.

  • CalWORKS Stage I provides short-term childcare support during job-search and job-training activities.
  • CalWORKS Stage II provides up to two years of additional childcare support for families that have moved from cash assistance to employment, but remain in financial need.

Our Child Care Specialists provide case management for child care services, including a detailed child care plan approved by CalWORKS, the family and the care provider.

For further information on CalWORKS childcare services, please contact your San Mateo County Employment Services Specialist (ESS) or Case Manager.

To determine if your family is eligible for CalWORKS childcare support, please contact the San Mateo County Human Services Agency Child Care Specialists in the office nearest you.