1. The San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office will review certifications on cases that were prosecuted by this office.  If law enforcement did not refer the case for prosecution, or if the DA’s office declined to file charges, the certification request should be directed to the police agency that took the report on the offense.
  2. Please e-mail a completed I-918 Supplement B form to:  DA_info@smcgov.org
  3. In addition to case specific information, please include:
    1. Name of Certifying Agency: San Mateo County District Attorney
    2. Name of Certifying Official: Rebecca Baum
    3. Title & Division: Assistant District Attorney
    4. Name of Head of Certifying Agency: Stephen M. Wagstaffe
    5. Agency Address: 500 County Center, 3rd Floor, Redwood City, CA 94063
    6. Phone: (650) 363-4009
    7. Agency Type: Local
    8. Certifying Agency Category: Prosecutor
  4. For misdemeanor prosecutions that are over five years old, and felony prosecutions that are over ten years old, please submit a copy of the police report with your request.
  5. If you are re-submitting a form that was previously certified by the DA’s office, for faster processing, please ensure that it contains identical information to the one previously submitted and include a copy of that form.
  6. Please use the most recent I-918 Supplement B form.  Both a blank and a partially completed form are attached below. 
  7. A hard copy of the certification or alternative response will be returned to you by mail.
  8. Contact rbaum@smcgov.org or (650) 363-4009 with any questions.