In November 2016, the voters passed Proposition 64, an initiative which changed the way marijuana is treated under the law. Some offenses which were previously felonies, such as most cultivation, possession for sale and sale of marijuana charges, are now subject to reduction from a felony to a misdemeanor offense. Some possession offenses which were previously misdemeanors may be subject to dismissal and sealing of the record of conviction.

If you suffered a criminal conviction relating to a marijuana charge, you may be eligible for relief under the new law. You may have read that this is a difficult or expensive process, but it is not. By filling out the Proposition 64 Petition form, and submitting it to the District Attorney’s Office using the contact information provided below, you can have your case reviewed by an attorney AT NO COST TO YOU. If you qualify, the District Attorney’s Office will also submit your Petition to the Court for approval. No further action on your part is necessary.