The San Mateo County District Attorney's Office Bureau of Investigations investigates real estate fraud related cases occurring in San Mateo County.  The type of cases which will be considered for investigation by the bureau include fraudulent real estate transactions and/or schemes such as: submission of forged loan applications; fraudulent transfer of title of real property; recordation of fraudulent real estate documents; home equity sales contract fraud; and mortgage foreclosure consultant fraud. 

When we receive a complaint, we review all information and the supporting documentation that is included.  If the complaint does not meet the above-described criteria to open a case, we will do our best to refer you to an agency that will appropriately handle the type of matter involved.  Many real estate consumer disputes are not appropriate for government action, but are altogether proper for private legal action.  It is generally a good idea to consult with private attorney to explore private legal remedies that will be available. 

This office is not legally permitted to represent individuals in civil matter, take action in order to obtain money owed to a consumer, help cancel any debt due on contract that was signed, resolve or mediate individual consumer complaints, or obtain any other personal relief.  Those functions are performed by a number of other government agencies established for that purpose. 

If you would like to file a real estate fraud complaint with the District Attorney's Office, please download a copy of the Real Estate Fraud Complaint Form.  Please read and follow the attached guidelines, provide all of the requested information and send it to: 

San Mateo County District Attorney's Office
Bureau of Investigations
400 County Center 3rd Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063
Attn: DDA of Real Estate Fraud Unit

Avoid Foreclosure Rescue Scams

People facing foreclosure have to deal with many difficult issues. The District Attorney's Office sends this Foreclosure Advisory Letter to homeowners who have recently received a Notice of Default regarding real property located in San Mateo County. The letter provides information about resources available to assist homeowners in this situation and warns them to beware of "Foreclosure Rescue" ripoffs.