Inspectors in the Bureau assist in the enforcement of court-ordered or statutory child custody when, (1) there are grounds to believe the crime of parental child abduction has occurred, and (2) the parent who seeks enforcement is a resident of San Mateo County.  In some cases, the District Attorney's Office prosecutes those who have violated the criminal laws applicable to parental child abduction.  In cases of child abduction, the Bureau has the authority to deal with all courts of the United States and its territories, and with selected foreign courts which are members of the Hague Convention:

Prior to any investigation request, a Child Abduction/Denial of Visitation report MUST BE PERSONALLY and ENTIRELY COMPLETED BY THE REPORTING PARTY, PERSONALLY SIGNED, and PERSONALLY DELIVERED TO THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE AT 400 COUNTY CENTER, 3RD FLOOR, REDWOOD CITY, CA.  This questionnaire is an official police report.  Every person who reports to the District Attorney's Inspector or other police officer that a crime has been committed (in this case, parental child abduction) and knows the report to be false, is guilty of a misdemeanor and can be prosecuted pursuant to California Penal Code section 148.5.  Further, by signing this form, you are declaring UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that the information is true and correct (California Penal Code section 118).

At no time is the District Attorney representing you as an individual.  The District Attorney represents the people of the State of California and/or the Superior Court.  Since we do not represent you, there is no attorney/client relationship.  Therefore, any information you provide the District Attorney's Office is not confidential and may be subject to disclosure pursuant to the court rules or at the discretion of the staff of the District Attorney's Office.  Any address and/or telephone numbers obtained will be confidential and will not be released without authorization.  Once the District Attorney initiates a case, the decision on how to proceed and resolve the case is within the sole discretion of the Office of the District Attorney.  The first priority of the Bureau of Investigation is the location and return of those children who have been abducted and to protect those children.