Monday, Aug 02, 2021
Press Release
  • People v. Deandre Gantt, San Bruno Police Department

    On August 2nd, 2021, a jury convicted Defendant Deandre Gannt of attempted murder, assault with a semi-automatic firearm, discharge of a firearm with gross negligence, carrying a loaded and concealed firearm in public and active participation in a criminal street gang, all of which occurred in 2019. The jury also found the special allegations of personal and intentional discharge of a firearm and infliction of great bodily injury to be true.

    At approximately 4:00 pm on July 2, 2019, Defendant Gantt fired nine gunshots inside the Tanforan mall in San Bruno. Defendant Gantt hit two individuals – one victim was shot once in the thigh while the second victim was shot twice in the abdomen. Both victims survived. The victims were all associated with a criminal street gang out of San Francisco. Defendant Gantt was a member of a rival criminal street gang also from San Francisco. Defendant Gantt had been previously shot by a member of the criminal street gang associated with the victim’s group in 2016. Law enforcement believes Defendant Gantt’s motive for the shooting at Tanforan was retaliation for that previous incident. Critical testimony was presented during the jury trial by a veteran police officer of the San Francisco Police Department who was recognized in court as a criminal street gang expert.

    The prosecutor was Deputy Amelia Diedrich and the Investigating Officer was Sgt. Mike Blundell of the San Bruno Police Department.