September 8, 2022


    On September 9, 2022, after one hour of deliberation, a jury convicted defendant David
    Alexander Wolpert of making criminal threats in violation of Penal Code sections 422. The jury
    also found a special allegation that the Defendant used a weapon in violation of Penal Code
    Section 12022(b)(1) to be true.

    On November 5, 2020, the Defendant drove from Sacramento to the Facebook Campus in Menlo
    Park after becoming angry that his Facebook account was suspended. At the Campus, the
    Defendant contacted the victim – a Facebook security guard. After confirming that the victim
    was Facebook security, the Defendant told the victim, “Well you need to tell all security that
    they need to get their (expletive) together. This is the second time I’m here. If I come a third
    time, I’m killing all of you. Please report it.” The Defendant said he was not joking and pulled
    out a pocketknife. The Defendant then said, “If I have to come a third time, you’re all gonna die.
    I’ll give you guys a month to get it together.”

    The case was continued to Monday, September 19, 2022, for further proceedings and a
    sentencing date was set for October 7, 2022.

    The prosecutor was Dominique Davis, and the investigating officer was Bryce Dale (Menlo Park
    Police Department.)