Important note: the following recommendation was approved by the Board of Supervisors on March 14, 2017:

DISTRICT 3 (Supervisor Don Horsley) FY 2016-17 Measure K Request

Broadway Street, Princeton – Waterfront Street End Improvement Project Transfer $22,000 to the Department of Public Works

One of the goals of Plan Princeton, an effort being conducted by the County to update the land use plan for Princeton, calls for enhancements to coastal access, recreation, research and education opportunities. Plan Princeton identifies the Broadway Street street-end as a location for overlook and amenities along the waterfront. Currently, the street-end consists of unpaved right-of-way with a guardrail separating the vehicular traffic from the shoreline.

The Pilot Princeton Street-End Shoreline Viewing Area Project will include the installation of two benches and one informational sign, providing information on the Historical Princeton Packers Pier. The installation of benches provides amenities for local residents and visitors to view the water, improving access and recreation along the coastline. The informational sign also provides an educational opportunity for viewers.The existing guardrail will also be moved behind the benches to separate vehicular traffic from pedestrians.

The Midcoast Community Council has reviewed the project plans and supports the proposed improvements. Adjacent property owners will also be notified in advance of project implementation.

The Department of Public Works will oversee the permitting and construction of improvements at the end of Broadway Street in Princeton. The Department of Public Works will receive a total of $22,000.

Total Measure K Request: $22,000.

Important note: this is a copy of the official report -- item 19 on the Board's agenda.