Xuan has worked on mosaic for twenty-two years, becoming a full-time mosaic artist four years ago after working in the information technology field for over thirty years. She takes inspiration for her creations from what she sees around her: figures of human beings and animals, indoor/outdoor furniture, landscaping, flowers, and much more.

Creating mosaics gives Xuan freedom, inspiration, the motivation to create and the feeling of satisfaction when she generates something beautiful—that, in itself, nourishes her soul. 

To capture the depth and complexity of such subjects, real or imagined, Xuan has been able to delve into different artistic styles and techniques in her designs, such as impressionism, still life, and architecture.  Xuan evolves from only using ceramics to incorporating a wide variety of materials into her mosaics, such as stones, pebbles, mirrors, seashells, as well as stained, fused, vitreous or tempered glass, to pull unlikely materials into unique harmony. Xuan does her mosaic art in 2D and 3D - mosaic wall hangings and sculptures, as well as small items such as mosaic jewelry.

Xuan’s artwork has received numerous awards and was selected for the Mosaic Arts International exhibitions in San Diego and Houston.  Her work was also featured in four mosaic books, seven American Art Collectors books, three magazines, and two Coffee Table Books of Orthopedics in Art.

Since "Xuan" is pronounced "Swan" in English, her mosaic artwork all carries the hand-made swan logo that represents her signature


Life Around Us
Artwork by Xuan My Ho
January 7, 2022-June 30, 2022
The Rotunda Gallery
555 County Center, Redwood City

mosaic animal
mosaic bust


Swan mosaic
Life Around Us by Xuan My Ho
Mosaic Artist