June 21, 2024
  • Redwood City – The County of San Mateo’s Recommended Budget for the 2024-25 fiscal year ensures the County can provide safety-net services while also adding staff to develop affordable housing and boost emergency preparedness.

    On Tuesday, County Executive Mike Callagy will present the $4.2 billion spending plan to the Board of Supervisors. The meeting is at 9 a.m. with in-person and virtual participation available.

    The budget, Callagy said, addresses priorities set by the Board while balancing fiscal constraint due to state and other funding uncertainties. The Recommended Budget is $601 million less than the prior year, due mainly to the completion of several capital projects and the end of pandemic-era state and federal grants.

    “At its core, this is an ambitious budget that is a blueprint for improving the quality of life for all San Mateo County residents,” Callagy said. “Based on public meetings with the Board of Supervisors and community input, this budget makes smart investments in housing, emergency preparedness, mental health care, children, families and seniors and much more.”

    A Focus on Priorities
    The Recommended Budget adds five positions to manage development of affordable housing and funds two positions to launch the new Office of Labor Standards Enforcement, which will combat wage theft and other abuses of low-wage workers. The budget ensures the County can fulfill its obligation as the provider of Safety Net Services while continuing to place a high priority on affordable housing and boosting emergency services.

    Other highlights include targeted investments that address threats from wildfire, rising seas and other risks. These include adding five positions to the Department of Emergency Management as well as allocating $21.5 million to replace the Pescadero Fire Station and $5.2 million for the Fire Engine Replacement Fund.

    With budget negotiations ongoing in Sacramento, the County’s budget could rise or fall in the coming months. Local budget officials caution the fiscal picture could look far different in September when the Board of Supervisors will consider a final budget with revisions for the 2024-25 fiscal year.

    In addition to the Recommended Budget, the Board is scheduled to vote on a proposal to allocate an additional $9.1 million in local Measure K funding to programs that serve children, families and seniors. This includes funding to community-based organizations that provide support services for foster youth, community- and school-based family resource centers, services for LGBTQ+ residents, culturally appropriate outreach, and community connections for older adults, among other services.

    Staff is also recommending allocating an additional $4 million in funds from Measure K – a voter-approved half-cent sales tax – to fill gaps created by shortfalls in state funding for existing County programs serving  children, families and seniors.  

    For details on in-person and remote participation, view the agenda. Live interpretation is available in Spanish via instructions on the agenda.

    Media Contact

    Michelle Durand
    Chief Communications Officer