Monday, Nov 03, 2014
Christa Bigue
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    San Mateo County for fiscal years 2013-2015 will spend more than half a billion dollars of federal, state and local funds for programs that directly benefit children and their families, according to the newly released San Mateo County Children, Youth and Family Budget.

    That amount includes Measure A funds, which based on public input after the measure’s approval by voters in 2012 are allotted for services and programs to boost school safety, raise literacy, upgrade libraries, and improve foster care and juvenile mental health services.

    The 2013-2015 Children, Youth and Families Budget report shows how these funds are allocated, providing a full range of services for children and families across the spectrum of County programs.

    “San Mateo County cares about all 160,000 young people and is dedicated to providing them the resources and support they need to be healthy, successful members of our community,” said San Mateo County Supervisor Carole Groom, who announced the release of the report at the  Nov. 4, 2014, Board of Supervisors meeting. 

    Selected programs and services organized by community outcomes from the San Mateo County’s Shared Vision 2025 are also highlighted in the 2013-2015 Children, Youth and Families Budget report.

    "The Children, Youth and Family Budget provides the Board and the public with critical information regarding funding and service levels in this critical area," said County Manager John Maltbie.

    In 2010, San Mateo County produced its first Children, Youth and Families Budget to represent a new way to analyze public spending, by counting the dollars spent on youth and families across every County department and showing how the County leverages state and federal funding.

    The report also serves as a comprehensive guide to local programs and services for children, youth and families and is used by County officials and community leaders to identify gaps in services, avoid duplication and promote collaboration.

    The Children, Youth and Family Budget includes expenditures from the Health System, Human Services Agency, Sheriff’s Office, Child Support Services, First 5, District Attorney’s Office, Public Works, San Mateo County Library, Parks, Coroner’s Office, and Probation. It covers from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2015.

    The funds for fiscal year 2014-2015, budgeted for children, youth and family programs, include:

    ·        $39.7 million to prevent and investigate child abuse and neglect, recruit foster parents, strengthen families, and provide adoption services and other essential services to protect children.

    ·        $28.9 million for family health services such as Adolescent Family Life Program, Black Infant Health, Child Health and Disability Prevention Program, and more.

    ·        $5.8 million for medical care to children at the Fair Oaks Health Center, just one of several health clinics in San Mateo County.

    ·        $2.6 million for operating a 24-hour emergency shelter for older children and youth with health, mental health and other services.

    ·        $2.6 million for the Sheriff’s Activities League, which provides students with athletic and artistic opportunities.

    The Children, Youth and Family Budget builds upon work by the Peninsula Partnership Leadership Council (PPLC) and the San Mateo County Youth Commission. In 2008, the Council and Commission teamed up to draft a 10-point Bill of Rights that states that all children and youth have the right to a safe and healthy environment, access to health care and education and that they have a voice in matters that affect them. The Board of Supervisors has adopted the Bill of Rights as a commitment to serving the community’s youth.

    “This budget reflects this commitment and ensures that we are investing in programs and services that truly help our children and youth," said Groom.

    The 2013-2015 Children, Family and Youth Budget can be viewed at