April 1, 2020
  • Is this a field hospital? 

    The site is a Federal Medical Station, designed to support and integrate inside of regional, state, tribal, and local healthcare agencies responding to catastrophic events. 

    Part of the National Strategic Stockpile, the FMS represents a partnership among county, state, and federal partners. 

    When will it be used? 

    The FMS will be used if, and when, the area’s nine hospitals reach capacity due to the projected COVID-19 surge. The hospitals will collectively determine at that point how to best transfer patients to the FMS to free up space in those facilities. 

    When might that happen? 

    The County hopes it never happens due to the diligence of our residents. However, recent modeling projects a possibility in coming weeks. 

    What is the capacity of the FMS? 

    Up to 250 beds. 

    Will the patients be COVID-19 positive, in isolation or both? 

    The FMS will provide sub-acute, non-traumatic, non-surgical treatment when hospital bed capacity has been exceeded, as well as care for displaced persons with chronic diseases, limited mobility, or behavioral health requirements. 

    The County and partners are also working to provide limited behavioral health and social services in addition to medical care. 

    How will the FMS be staffed? 

    Staffing decisions will be made when there is an operational need. Working with local, state and federal partners, we will organize the appropriate medical response team based on the operational need and demand. 

    Units from the California National Guard have set up the cots and other equipment.  

    If the need arises, some of the medical resources at the Event Center may also be deployed to meet needs at local hospitals. Specialized patient beds and medical equipment could be deployed elsewhere.