Important note: The following recommendation was approved by the Board of Supervisors on May 7, 2013. For updates and to track performance, visit our Performance Dashboard.

TO: Honorable Board of Supervisors

FROM: John L, Maltbie, County Manager

SUBJECT: Measure A Report: Core Service Agencies and Thrive Alliance


Direct staff to budget $325,000 in the FY 2013-15 budget for a coordinated case management and performance reporting system for the Core Services Agencies, defer a decision on additional funding for the Cores until July and allocate no additional funding for Thrive Alliance of Nonprofits.


The community’s eight Core Service Agencies have received direct funding from the County for more than 25 years to provide a safety net of services. Located throughout San Mateo County, the Core’s provide emergency services including food, transportation, shelter referrals, housing assistance and client advocacy. The Cores work closely with County departments to provide individuals and families with much needed support to stabilize living situations.

San Mateo County consistently has among the highest housing costs in the State and Nation. As a result, housing instability and homelessness is chronic for low income households.

You will recall that in 2009, 2012 and again in 2013, your Board approved a $500,000 matching contribution to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation Food and Shelter grant program. In 2012, the Food and Shelter grants were awarded to 19 agencies, including the eight core service agencies, to provide food assistance and shelter services. The awardees served more than 11,644 clients, including providing 43,005 shelter bed nights.

The 30 proposals for the $1 million in 2013 Food and Shelter grants for San Mateo County are currently under review by the Foundation and the County. This year, as was the case in past years, priority will be given to the eight Core Service Agencies. With one exception, all the Core Service Agencies have again applied for this grant funding which will be awarded in July. The Food and Shelter grants are supplemental to any direct funding provided to community based organizations by the County.


Computer Software and Develop Coordinated System $325,000

We recommend tentatively allocating $300,000 in Measure A funds in FY 2013/14 and $25,000 in FY 20141/5 for the development of a coordinated case management system to be used by all the Core agencies. This funding will cover one-time software and development costs for a system that will provide countywide performance reporting and financial information for all eight core service agencies. As a condition of the award of the Measure A funds, your Board may wish to request that the Core agencies prepare a plan for the selection and implementation process for the coordinated computer system, as well as project the ongoing costs associated with the support, training and maintenance for such a computer system. Finally, such a plan should consider how a coordinated computer system might also be scaled and made available to all of the nonprofit partners the County contracts with to ensure an integrated system for case management, financial data and performance reporting.

Rental Housing Assistance $310,000 and Self-Sufficiency Financial Education $75,000

The Core Service Agencies have requested $310,000 in additional funds for rental assistance in FY 2013/14 and $50,000 for financial education and legal aid support. Since these are exactly the type of services to be funded by the $1 million joint County and Community Foundation grants early in July, we recommend deferring any decision on this request until after the grant awards are announced. We will return to your Board in July with a recommendation that addresses housing needs, financial education and the desire of the Board to leverage County funds.

No Additional Funds for Thrive Alliance

Staff does not recommend Measure A funding for Thrive Alliance. Thrive is a membership organization of more than 150 nonprofits, business, government and community leaders working to improve the quality of life in the County through a strong nonprofit sector. In fact, several County departments currently pay membership fees to belong to Thrive and/or have service contracts with the organization totaling more than $40,000, combined over the past two years. For example, the Human Services Agency (HSA) recently contracted for $22,000 to convene a Hunger Issues Summit and additional work to develop new strategies to increase CalFresh participation. No new umbrella contract is required, as County departments will continue to work with Thrive Alliance when they are an appropriate service provider.


It is tentatively recommended that $325,000 in Measure A funds be appropriated in the FY 2013-14 through FY 2014-15 budgets to develop an automated case management and financial tracking system for the Core Services Agencies. The funds would be used for one-time system acquisition and development costs.

Measure A Funds recommended in this Report:


FY 2013/14

FY 2014/15

One-time computer software purchase and system development









Important note: This is a copy of the official report -- item 10 on the Board's agenda.