The Navigation Center will provide a 240-bed, state-of-the-art shelter east of Highway 101 off of Maple Street. The Navigation Center will provide intensive counseling and other support services.  The completed facility will include private sleeping units, shared toilet/showers, dining services, and support modules as well as outdoor areas for activities. The project objective is to rapidly develop and install a Navigation Center on a 2.5-acre undeveloped site located at 1469 Maple Street in Redwood City, California that provides a safe and dignified atmosphere that will serve the needs of the Clients and social services operators for decades. In addition, 10 acres along the nearby waterfront will be converted into future park space, waterfront recreation and open space. The County goal is to achieve functional zero homelessness, meaning that anyone who desires shelter can access it through an array of County facilities and programs.  Construction will begin Spring of 2022.