Smiling artist next to a painted snail

Nancy Simenc with a painted snail

Three cartoon dogs and two cartoon cats surfing

"Friends on Foamies" by Nancy Simenc

Black and white sketch of a cat as Alexander Hamilton

"Alexander Hamilcat" by Nancy Simenc

Avocado hugging a heart

"Whimsical Things" featuring artwork by Nancy Simenc

July 5-August 30, 2022

The Caldwell Gallery

400 County Center, Redwood City

Nancy Simenc’s artwork is very imaginative. She creates worlds that aren’t real, but with sufficient attention to detail so that they could be. As showcased in this exhibition, her recent focus has been on drawing characters—frequently dogs or cats, but sometimes an avocado or a radish will insist upon being featured.

When asked about her art practice, Nancy says, “most of the time, when I do a drawing of an animal, I have a person in mind. Most likely, it’s a blend of several people. I like to draw animals more than people because I can exaggerate their features more. Throughout the day, and especially while traveling, I come across situations that catch my eye or are amusing. When I get home, I’ll sketch things out, and sometimes I get a painting out of it.  I hope my artwork makes you smile.”


Nancy Simenc graduated from Cal State University, Long Beach with a BFA in Illustration. She has worked as an in-house artist for both Hallmark Cards and Electronic Arts, as well as freelanced for various companies in publishing, greeting cards, and advertising. In collaboration with her daughter, a zoo themed children's book is in the works, which will hopefully be completed by year's end.

For more: IG @barking_dog_designs