Local Funds for Local Needs

Measure K is a half-cent, countywide sales tax extension approved by San Mateo County voters in 2016. The Board of Supervisors allocates funds from Measure K to maintain and upgrade our parks, enhance early learning opportunities to close the achievement gap, expand access to quality health and mental health care, build and protect affordable housing, promote public safetysupport seniorsdisabled individuals and veterans and improve the quality of life for all.

On this page you will find a comprehensive map that highlights programs, services and projects funded in whole or in part with funds from Measure K since the original tax took effect on April 1, 2013.

In addition, you will find a list of one-time Measure K-funded grants approved by the Board at the recommendation of District 5 Supervisor David Canepa.

One-time community grants:

Note: At the beginning of each two-year budget cycle the Board of Supervisors designates a pool of funds from Measure K that can be invested to meet specific and unanticipated community needs. District 5 Supervisor David Canepa recommended, and the Board approved, funding the following initiatives:

Subsidized Rides: $100,000. This grant to Peninsula Family Services provides funds to subsidize taxi rides for Daly City senior citizens. A top reason seniors miss medical appointments is a lack of transportation. Approved April 2019.

Promise Scholars: $50,000. Skyline College’s Promise Scholars Program addresses the financial barriers impeding the full-time pursuit of higher education and provides structured academic and non-academic support for students. This grant supports the program. Approved March 2019.


Community Health: $10,000. The Pilipino Bayanihan Resource Center was founded in 1989 as a non-profit, community based organization to provide direct services and community education to the Filipino population in Daly City and San Mateo County. This grant supports healthy living classes. Approved March 2019.


Pacific Islanders Together:$10,000. This grant to Pacific Islanders Together supports the local organization's Shine! Family Day. The event brings together members of the community for food, music and other activities. Approved March 2019.

Healthy Homes: $5,000. This grant to local nonprofit StarVista provides funds to support the Health Homes program, which provides services for pregnant woman and families with young children who face multiple risk factors.Approved October 2018.

Expanding Job Opportunities: $100,000. This grant provides funds to the San Mateo County Union Community Alliance to support the Trades Introduction Program, which provides participants an opportunity to explore union trade opportunities. Approved October 2018.

Dia de los Muertos: $5,000. Celebrating Latin culture, the San Mateo County Historical Association annually organizes a Dia de Los Muertos event with food, activities and a processional. Measure K funds supported this free event in 2018. Approved Ocober 2018.

New Floorinig for Community Center: $80,922. The Lincoln Park Community Center in Daly City serves the Crocker Neighborhood and is one of the busiest recreation centers in the city. This grant to the City of Daly City contributes to a project to replace the worn-out floor with a more durable material. Approved August 2018.

North Peninsula Food Pantry: $2,500. This one-time grant to the North Peninsula Food Pantry and Dining Center of Daly City supports the center's ability to provide fresh and healthy food to those in need. Approved May 2018.

College Scholarships: $5,000. Grant to the Bay Area Gardeners Scholarship Foundation for college scholarships and supplies for students from families with low incomes. Approved May 2018.

Music Opportunities: $2,000. The Harmony Project Bay Area's mission is to change lives through music. The organization will use Measure K funds to expand an after-school music program for middle school students in Daly City. Approved May 2018.

Earth Day Activities: $1,500. The Pacifica Beach Coalition utilized a Measure K grant to help organize Earth Day assemblies at five Daly City/Colma elementary schools. Approved April 2018.

Academic Resources: $5,000. The LEMO Foundation, in partnership with other community organizations, will use Measure K funds to provide academic resources to students in need of extra assistance in grades 5-8. Approved April 2018.

Public Safety: $50,000. This grant to the Colma Fire Protection District for the purchase of 10 self-contained breathing apparatus to replacing aging and outdated gear. Approved April 2018.

Health Outreach: $7,000. The Health Information Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP) provides free and objective information and counseling regarding Medicare. A Measure K grant allows for the revision and printing of educational booklets that enhance marketing outreach. Approved March 2018. 

Environmental Education: $5,000. This grant to San Bruno Mountain Watch provides for educational materials and field trips that explore ancient sand dunes on San Bruno Mountain. Approved March 2018.

Promise Scholars: $5,000. Measure K grant to the Promise Scholars Program at Skyline College provides incoming full-time students with comprehensive support that includes a full scholarship for one year, academic assistance, counseling, and career and professional development. Approved March 2018.

Trauma Bears: $1,500. This grant to the local At-Risk Youth Foundation contributed to the purchase of trauma bears that are given by first responders to children who have been involved in a stressful event. Approved February 2017.

Liwanag Kultural Center: $1,500. A Measure K grant assists the Liwanag Kultural Center, which promotes values and community among Filipino youth, with program expenses to teach leadership trainers to conduct educational workshops. Approved January 2018.

Improving Outdoor Rec: $10,000. Measure K grant contributes to a project to install a durable turf field at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Daly City. The field will be used by students as well as members of the community after hours and on weekends. Approved November 2017.

Age-Friendly Cities: $1,500. The Peninsula Family Service Summit on Age-Friendly Cities brought together experts along with members of the community to discuss ways to improve mobility and access in our cities for our growing senior population. Measure K funds supported the summit. Approved November 2017.

Pacific Islands Together: $5,000. The grant supports Shine Family Day, a celebration of Pacific Islander culture along with music, food, dance and fun. Approved October 2017.

Dia de los Muertos: $5,000. Celebrating Latin culture, the San Mateo County Historical Association annually organizes a Dia de Los Muertos event with food, activities and a processional. Measure K funds supported this free event in 2017. Approved September 2017.

Gun Buyback: $5,000. This one-time grant contributed to a partnership that held Daly City's first gun buyback, in September 2017. The event provided cash incentives for firearms turned in, with no questions asked. Approved July 2017.

Note: Supervisor David Canepa was elected in 2016 and assumed office in January 2017. For a list of Measure K grants recommended by the previous District 5 supervisor, please visit this page.

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