At the beginning of each two-year budget cycle the Board of Supervisors designates a pool of funds from Measure K that can be invested to meet specific and unanticipated community needs. District 4 Supervisor Warren Slocum recommended, and the Board approved, funding the following initiatives during the 2015-2017 budget cycle:

Summer Jobs for Youth: $30,000. This grant to local nonprofit One East Palo Alto supports a program that provides paying summer jobs for youth and connects participants with mentors and local employers. Approved June 2017.

A Park for All: $50,000. This grant provides funds to the Magical Bridge Foundation for the purchase of playground equipment for San Mateo County's first all-inclusive playground. Approved June 2017.

Safe Housing: $37,500. This grant funds repairs and improvements to Hope House for Women and Infants and a transitional housing program for women in Redwood City. Both are operated by the Service League of San Mateo County. Approved May 2017.

Parent/Youth Academy: $60,000. Nuestra Casa is a community education organization dedicated to increasing civic participation and promoting economic self-sustainability of the Latino immigrant population of East Palo Alto and the area served by the Ravenswood City School District. This grant supports Nuestra Casa's parent and youth academies. Approved April 2017.

Combatting Domestic Violence: $34,000. A contribution to Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse (CORA) allows the nonprofit organization to expand services and outreach to clients. Approved April 2017.

Teaching Tech: $75,000. These Measure K funds assist local nonprofit StreetCode Academy in providing technology classes for students in East Palo Alto and nearby communities. Approved April 2017.

Safe Housing: $227,850. This grant funds repairs and upgrades to Redwood Family House and Haven Family House, which both provide supportive services to families that would otherwise be homeless. Approved March 2017.

Leadership Development: $5,000. Measure K provided funding to the St. Francis Center to send local youth from the North Fair Oaks neighborhood on a leadership field trip. Approved March 2017.

Youth Jobs Summit: $25,000. The Shaping Our Success Youth Jobs Summit provided opportunities for youth from Redwood City, East Palo Alto, Belle Haven, North Fair Oaks and other under-represented communities to receive mentoring and training and opportunities to boost self-esteem. Approved February 2017.

Enrichment: $15,036. This grant to the California Clubhouse, which provides support for individuals living with a severe mental illness, went toward the purchase of a 12-person passenger van for outings, shopping. Total cost ($30,072) split with District 3. Approved November 2016.

Youth Programs: $50,000. With its culinary programs in high demand, this grant to the Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula went toward the purchase and installation of commercial-grade kitchen appliances and other improvements at its East Palo Alto clubhouse. Approved November 2016.

A Park for All: $50,000. This grant to the Magical Bridge Foundation supports a project to build San Mateo County's first all-inclusive playground. Approved October 2016.

Cultural Enrichment: $46,000. Casa Circulo Cultural de Redwood City, a nonprofit organization that celebrates and teaches the arts, used a Measure K grant to expand program space and improve accessibility. Approved September 2016.

Education & Recreation: $18,152. This grant provided Measure K funds to Peninsula Family Service to promote engagement, recreation and education of young children and older adults in North Fair Oaks. Approved May 2016.

Environmental Education: $40,000. This grant contributes funds to improve signage and the visitor experience at the new Cooley Education Center in East Palo Alto. Approved March 2016.

Safe Housing: $56,925. LifeMoves, a local nonprofit dedicated to ending homelessness, used Measure K funds to pay for roof and asphalt repairs and new heaters at three facilities: the  Veterans Hoptel, Haven Family House and Redwood Family House. Approved December 2015.

Affordable Housing: $30,000. The nonprofit St. Francis Center used Measure K funds to purchase furnishings for community room at St. Leo's Apartments, a new apartment complex in North Fair Oaks for families with extremely low incomes. Approved December 2015.

Homework, Other Support: $23,710. Measure K funds contributed to expanding services at the nonprofit Rosalie Rendu Center, which provides after-school homework assistance, English-language classes and driver training programs. Approved November 2015.

Safe Housing: $54,995. This grant allowed the nonprofit agency Service League of San Mateo County to replace heaters and install new food storage units at transitional housing facilities for women and infants and men and women. Approved November 2015.

Mentoring Local Youth: $50,000. This grant to the LEMO Foundation, a local nonprofit specializing in youth academic and athletic development, to support its Playmakers Program. Approved August 2015.

Leadership Development: $26,116. The Joan and Lewis Platt YMCA in East Palo Alto received Measure K to support the nonprofit organization's Youth and Government Leadership Program. Approved August 2015.

Building Strong Families: $49,230. The Ravenswood City School District used Measure K funds to provide training and resources to promote strong families and promote academic success. Approved August 2015.

Familias Unidas: $20,000. This grant to the Redwood City School District to support the Familias Unidas Family Engagement Program, which assists parents in helping students achieve academic success. Approved September 2015.

Summer Jobs for Youth: $30,000. One East Palo Alto received Measure K funds to support a program that provides local youth with paying summer jobs, field trips to local employers and opportunities for mentorships. Approved July 2015.

Dignity for the Homeless: $50,000. "Dignity on Wheels" is a mobile trailer that provides showers and laundry services to individuals who are homeless. This Measure K grant contributed to its purchase and operating expenses. Approved June 2015.

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