White ceramic chickens

Lori Lievore, "Yolko Ono and her Wee Yolks"

Small blue and white ceramic monsters

Lori Lievore, Horny Monsters

"In the Garden of Good and Silly" featuring artwork by Lori Lievore

July 5-October 28, 2022

The Rotunda Gallery

555 County Center, Redwood City

Lori Lievore is a San Bruno based artist, mother and professional do-gooder. She has been making tiny things with her hands since her hands were tiny things.  Through her art she hopes to inspire people to passionately pursue joy, especially in turbulent times.  Lori strives to sprinkle the world with whimsy because everyone loves sprinkles.

Over the past 10 years Lori has been developing her ceramics skills, creating larger and more intricate pieces.  She enjoys exploring the balance of wheel thrown pottery juxtaposed with the unpredictability of adding sculptural elements and hand painted details.  All pieces are fired to over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, giving permanence to playfulness.

Lori finds inspiration in children’s illustrations, muppets, unusual wildlife and silver linings.  She wants people to see that joy can have sharp edges, be messy and imperfect and is always essential piece of life.

Lori recently won 3rd Place in The San Mateo County Fair’s Fine Arts division.


Instagram: @pottery.by.lori