Important note: The following was approved by the Board of Supervisors on June 16, 2015 (this is a shortened version of a larger report, attached below):

Ombudsman Services of San Mateo County

The Ombudsman Services of San Mateo County will provide on-site monitoring and complaint investigation and resolution services to County individuals residing in long- term care facilities. This Measure A funding allows the agency to access an additional $50,000 grant from a private charitable trust specifically intended to supplement Measure A funds. It will enable the hiring of a program manager and a volunteer coordinator to train nine new community volunteers to make nearly 5,000 additional on- site investigations annually to residents in long-term care facilities.


FY 2015-16


FY 2016-17


Number of volunteer field ombudsman



Number of field visits made to facilities



Number of clients served (excluding clients with developmental disabilities)



Percent of complaints investigated and resolved



A waiver of the RFP process is requested because staff has determined that the selected provider is the sole source for the unique services provided pursuant to this agreement. The term of the Agreement is July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2017 in an amount not to exceed $223,139.

The Agreements and Resolution have been reviewed and approved by County Counsel as to form.The Resolution contains the County’s standard provisions allowing amendment of the County’s fiscal obligations by a maximum of $25,000 (in aggregate per agreement).

The Resolution also contains a provision to allow the County Manager or designee to modify the performance measures to implement changes in the reporting requirements as may be appropriate to help the County more effectively communicate information about Measure A programs.

This agreement contributes to the Shared Vision 2025 outcomes of Healthy, Prosperous, and Collaborative community by providing resources to assist the County’s low-income and underserved residents by increasing the availability of affordable housing for County clients, supporting foster youth from entry to emancipation and self- sufficiency, protecting older adults and ensuring low-income residents can age in place, and to have targeted interventions in communities with lower high school graduation  and higher truancy rates compared to the County overall.

Fiscal Impact:

The total amount of Measure A funds included in the above contracts for the FY 2015- 17 funding cycle is $5,339,916 and the total amount of other funding sources included in the above contracts is $150,000 for a grand total of $5,489,916 in FY 2015-16 and FY 2016-17. Funding for these agreements has been included in the FY 2015-16 and FY 2016-17 Recommended Budget. Detail on the amount per contract per fiscal year is provided as an attachment.

Important note: This is a copy of the official report -- item 12 on the Board's agenda.