Training Options in San Mateo County

Both of these training options are free to San Mateo County residents.

Get Ready Training
Two-hour basic course

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Get Ready (or sometimes referred to as “R U Ready”) is a two-hour basic disaster preparedness training offered throughout San Mateo County.

You will learn the basics of what to do to prepare and protect yourself, your loved ones, neighbors and community when disaster strikes.

We need and want your partnership – please take this class and you can start getting ready today!

For a list of Get Ready classes being offered in San Mateo County, click on Calendar of Events.

The Get Ready curriculum is posted on the National Fire Protection Association website.


CERT Training
Twenty-hour intensive course

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The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program has been the national model for helping people respond to emergencies. When emergencies happen, trained CERT members can provide immediate assistance to their family and neighbors, assist first responders, and organize spontaneous volunteers in a disaster.

Join your neighbors and be part of the CERT program– it's the best way to help improve the over-all safety and preparedness of our community.

CERT training is 20 hours, delivered over several weekly evenings or weekend days. 
The CERT training class modules include:

  • Disaster preparedness
  • Fire safety
  • Basic disaster medical operations
  • Light search and rescue operations
  • CERT organization
  • Disaster psychology
  • Terrorism and CERT
  • Review of skills and hands-on disaster exercise

We have active CERT programs in numerous locations in San Mateo County. (Some of our programs use names other than CERT.) For information specific to your city or town, please go to Calendar of Events.