Business Plan

Your emergency response plan at work is the blueprint for the safety of your employees and business.

Checklist for an Emergency Business Plan
  • Create a chain of command of emergency decision makers and print outspecific responsibilities.
  • Back up and protect all vital documents and digital assets.
  • Analyze and make a list of hazards and impacts that different disasters could have on your business.
  • Create a vital communication plan and distribute an emergency contact phone card.
  • Make a copy of your emergency plan available to all employees.
  • Establish an emergency planning and crisis management team that will keep your plan up-to-date and employees informed and trained.
  • Create a shelter-in-place strategy, in case you must seek shelter in your office. Designate emergency shelter supplies the business will provide, such as water and food, and suggested supplies employees should keep in individual to-go bags, such as flashlights, gloves, energy bars, vital personal documents, personal hygiene items, and prescription medicines.
  • Create a list of neighboring resources and businesses that will participate in your emergency plan.
  • Create a detailed evacuation plan in collaboration with neighboring businesses and building owners to avoid confusion or gridlock.
  • Schedule regular evacuation and fire drills every six months for all employees.
  • Create a prioritized list of critical operations, staff, and procedures for primary recovery action.
  • Create a list of suppliers and contractors inside and outside your local area that are critical to your business recovery.
  • Review your emergency plan and update it annually.
  • Make sure management are involved fully and set an example for employee cooperation and participation.


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