Woman sits smiling while holding collage artwork

Patching the Past, Present, and Future

Dipti Irla

April and May 2023

The Café Art Gallery

My collage technique is deeply inspired by the quilting technique of Kantha. This inspiring textile technique hails from India where old, discarded fabrics are given a new lease of life. The past is brought into the present and carried forward into the future, creating something truly special and sustainable.

It's a reflection of my commitment to preserving the beauty of the past and creating a more sustainable future. 

About Dipti

In her collage work, she gives new life to the discarded and overlooked, repurposing mundane objects such as junk mail, aging magazines, and packaging materials by converting them into works of art. Her creative impulses also come out through digital mediums. The natural world and diverse cultural influences have long been a rich source of inspiration for her, with her upbringing in India infusing her work with elements of Indian art. At the heart of her art is a sense of playfulness, a spirit of joy that animates each and every piece she produces. In all of her work, she seeks to bring a message of positivity and hope.

You can find her work at www.diptiirla.com

Photograph by thehealersedition.com

Hand holding blue collage art

Dipti Irla