Important note: The following recommendation was approved by the Board of Supervisors on March 29, 2016:

TO:                        Honorable Board of Supervisors

FROM:                  John L. Maltbie, County Manager; Reyna Farrales, Deputy County Manager

SUBJECT:             Use of District-Specific Measure A Funds – Supervisorial District 4


Adopt a resolution authorizing a one-time $40,000 grant to the City of East Palo Alto and authorizing the County Manager, or his designee, to prepare and execute the grant agreement.

Background and Discussion:

Measure A is the ten-year half-cent general sales tax approved by San Mateo County voters in November 2012. The Board and County staff have conducted study sessions and community outreach efforts to inform priorities for Measure A spending. 

On March 17, 2015, your Board adopted the Measure A allocation plan for the FY 2015- 17 budget, during which the County anticipates Measure A receipts of about $80 million annually. The plan included $5 million in one-time loans or grants for FY 2015-16, and $1 million each year for FY 2015-16 and 2016-17, divided equally among the five Board districts, for organizations that submitted Letters of Intent that were not funded or, in cases of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, other one-time projects for organizations  that did not submit a Letter of Intent. On April 28, 2015, your Board approved the criteria and process to be used by staff to administer these funds. In accordance with such  criteria, District 4 has submitted a request to use Measure A funds as shown below and in the attachment hereto:



District 4 (Warren Slocum) – City of East Palo Alto: Design, fabrication, and installation of interpretive signage and related elements at Cooley Landing both in and around the Education Center.



There are sufficient Measure A funds budgeted in Non-Departmental Services FY 2015- 16 Adopted Budget for this purpose.

ATTACHMENT – Project Summary

District 4 (Supervisor Warren Slocum) FY 2015-17 Measure A Request

City of East Palo Alto: Design, fabrication, and installation of interpretive signage and related elements at Cooley Landing both in and around the Education Center $40,000 One-Time Grant

This is a $40,000 one-time request for grant monies will promote the environment by educating and engaging visitors in the rich history and environmental lessons of the area. The County Manager’s Office will work with the City of East Palo Alto staff on terms of the grant agreement for this one-time contribution.

City of East Palo Alto:

The Cooley Landing Education and Community Center’s design tells the story of the Puichon who fished in San Francisquito Creek, the bankers who built a wharf at the end of Bay Road, the laborers who made bricks at Ravenswood, the crews of the scow schooners who docked at Cooley Landing, the men who burned and buried the county’s rubbish and the family that repaired wooden boats.

Furthermore, the Education Center emphasizes the community’s central worth. By identifying with and reflecting the community’s values the building will ensure the health of its people and will support its straightforward, unpretentious, hardworking principles. The Education Center will welcome the community’s multi-ethnic cultures and diverse traditions, engaging young and old alike. Interpretive signage will enhance the park and center visitor’s experience. Particularly for youth, interpretive signage will provide  valuable enriching history and environmental lessons that will instill a stronger sense of community pride and hopefully ignite a lifelong sense environmental stewardship.

The requested $40,000 would allow for the design and fabrication of approximately 10 to 15 signs and related components. Installation will be handled in-house by the City of East Palo Alto.

Total Measure A Request: $40,000

The release of funds will be contingent on the execution of a Grant Agreement providing for the County’s confirmation of the expenditure of funds during FY 2015-16 for the purposes stated herein.

Important note: This is a copy of the official report -- item 9 on the Board's agenda.