Census Ambassador Program

Census Ambassadors will play a critical role in making sure all community members understand what the census is, why it's important, and how they can participate. Ambassadors will serve as volunteer leaders in making sure their communities are counted, complementing the work of Community Action Teams across the county.

There will be a Census Ambassador Program Training held on January 23, 2020 from 6:00-8:00pm at 455 County Center, in Redwood City.  Please see this

for more information.

Pilot Program

The Census Ambassador Program was developed in partnership with the San Mateo Adult School. Learn about this pilot program and our pioneering group of ambassadors here.


How to Join the Ambassador Program

Organizations and community groups that want to host a Census Ambassador Program will receive support from the San Mateo County Census Team.  Ambassadors will be recognized for their civic leadership by the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors. Support will include:

  • Training on how to engage and educate community members about Census 2020
  • Resources to help answer questions, address misinformation, and direct to support
  • Outreach materials to share with community members (factsheets, postcards, etc.)
  • iCount t-shirts for ambassadors
  • Outreach tracking tools


How Ambassadors Will be Trained

Ambassadors will be required to complete census outreach training (tailored based on experience, skill level, and type of outreach).  Training will include:

  • Key aspects of Census 2020 (what, why, when, where, how)
  • How to engage community members
  • How to address misinformation, questions, and concerns
  • Where to direct community members for language, digital, and other support


What Ambassadors Will Do

Once trained, Ambassadors will reach out to their networks to share Census 2020 information, encourage participation, and direct to support for census completion.  They will report back on their efforts regularly.  Ambassadors will NOT be required to count residents, assist residents in completing the quesionnaire, or confirm that residents completed the census.



For more information, contact: SMC_Census@smcgov.org