The County of San Mateo is seeking proposals from community organizations to assist in outreach to educate, motivate, and activate residents to participate in Census 2020.  Applicants should detail culturally and linguistically tailored strategies for educating, motivating, and activating the least likely to respond residents that they proposed to target for census outreach.  Strategies can be a mix of what has worked in the past and innovative/creative ideas.

Proposers must be from not for profit organizations and can include:

  • Organizations: Must be a nonprofit, tax-exempt such as a 501(c)6, or an organization that files a 990, 990 EZ, or 990-N with the IRS and servces San Mateo
  • Government Agencies: San Mateo County cities and special districts
  • School groups: Must provide educational services to resident students in San Mateo County
  • Coalitions: Groups comprised of two or more organizations