The Pest Exclusion Program provides the first line of defense for California's agricultural industry and environment from the introduction of exotic insects, weeds and plant diseases that "hitchhike" in from other counties, states and countries. Incoming shipments of plants and produce arrive at various locations in the County including San Francisco International Airport and wholesale nurseries where they are inspected for harmful pest and diseases. Shipments of agricultural commodities destined to other states and countries are inspected and certified for compliance with quarantine requirements.

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Pest Identification and Management

A Biologist is available Monday through Friday in the afternoon at the main office (728 Heller Street, Redwood City) to assist homeowners and pest control businesses with the identification of landscape, home and structural insect pests, weeds and plant diseases. Effective control methods are recommended with an emphasis on integrated pest management (IPM).

UC Integrated Pest Management (IPM) may be helpful for diagnosing pest problems and finding solutions.  

UC Agriculture and Natural Resources provides information relating to farms, food and the environment.


White Garden Snail

Africanized Honey Bee

Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP)

Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter (GWSS)

Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Medfly)

Sudden Oak Death (SOD)

Plum Bud Gall Mite (PBGM)

Boxwood Blight Disease


For shipments coming from Southern California or out of state, please hold the commodity and call for inspection: 650.363.4700


Our department inspects and certifies agricultural commodities exported to other states and countries. Commercial facilities may create a phytosanitary certificate online through USDA's PCIT system. 

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To determine agricultural commodity requirements:

Export requirements by country

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