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What is a Certified Farmers' Market (CFM)?

A CFM is a location approved by the county agricultural commissioner of that county where agricultural products are sold by producers or certified producers directly to consumers or to individuals, organizations, or entities that subsequently sell or distribute the products directly to end users.

  • A CFM may only be operated by one or more certified producers, a nonprofit organization, or by a local government agency.
  • Only California grown product is allowed
  • Certified Producers may only offer for sale agricultural products which he or she produced to consumers
  • Certified Farmers Market does not mean Certified Organic.  Certified Producers are inspected in their home counties (where the production grounds are) and issued Certified Producer Certificates (CPCs) listing the agricultural products that they produce.  Certified Organic is a different process that growers go through to verify that their agricultural products are produced following National Organic Program rules.
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