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Mission Statement

To protect agricultural and environmental resources, ensure the safe use of pesticides, prevent the introduction of invasive pests, provide consumer protection and ensure equity in the marketplace.


The Agricultural Commissioner and staff are responsible for the regulation of the agricultural industry to promote sustainability and protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public and farming community. These mandates are implemented through environmental protection programs which include pest exclusion, pest detection, pest eradication, and pesticide use enforcement; consumer protection programs which include nursery and seed inspections, fruit and vegetable standardization, and shell egg quality control; and other programs such as apiary certification, fruit and vegetable certification, and agricultural statistics.

Weights and Measures

The Sealer of Weights and Measures is responsible for the preservation, maintenance, and enforcement of measurement standards (weight, volume, time, distance) necessary for value comparison by consumers and essential for fair competition within industry. This charge is accomplished by comparing the performance of weighing and measuring devices against certified standards, inspecting prepackaged products to verify label statements, conducting annual weighmaster audits, and the inspection of petroleum products to verify they meet the standards represented on the product label. Weighing and measuring devices which have been inspected and found in compliance are “sealed”, thereby assuring users that the device is accurate and meets state standards.