Cordilleras Mental Health Center (Cordilleras) is a 117 bed County-owned psychiatric facility serving San Mateo County residents. Cordilleras is located on a 20 acre site at 200 Edmonds Road in an unincorporated part of the County.

The San Mateo County Health operates two mental health residential programs for adults with serious mental illness in the single building: a licensed locked 68 bed mental health rehabilitation center (MHRC) and a licensed non-locked 49 bed adult residential facility (ARF). Cordilleras serves adults with long histories of mental illness and multiple episodes of acute psychiatric hospitalization.

In October 2014, the Board of Supervisors accepted HGA Architects and Engineers feasibility study that includes the project’s requirements and the feasibility of using the present site for six new facilities.

The study concludes that it is possible to construct the six new facilities at the current site. The study recommends a phased approach to construction. The buildings will be built on the same parcel as the existing facility and designed to achieve LEED Gold or better.